As America And The World Wait For Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump
US President-elect Donald Trump

By Folu  Olamiti

Few days from now Donald Trump will step into the White House as the 45th American President. The Americans are in fever pitch anticipation  waiting for a man whose conduct, so far, has been   contrary to the  norm. Trump is a novelty in American politics, nay the world. His  victory shocked the pundits and soothsayers whose  predictions never  gave Trump a chance.

Why? They could not imagine a man with such crude dispositions and unorthodox style would garner votes to victory. Talk  about his mannerisms, they are far away from being normal. Many dismiss his penchant for speaking what  they dub the language of the  street and directed at the proverbial common man right from the time  he started campaigning for Republican ticket through to the  presidential elections.

For the first time, a presidential candidate openly took the media up  and spat on their faces for their rabid opposition to his candidacy.  To him, given the obvious bias of the mainstream media in favour of  his opponent, Hillary Clinton, the Fourth Estate of the Realm had  betrayed the cardinal principle of the profession that truth is  sacred. He sees majority of the journalists and broadcasters   as  liars and  jokers.

He also threw a punch at illegal immigrants, vowing that he would fish them out and get them expelled as soon as he was  sworn in. He had a scathing message for the religious bigots – especially the Muslims – threatening that once sworn in, he would make  the United States too hot for them to stay. To him “they are blood  suckers”.

Trump is now US President elect, rhetorics of electioneering  campaigns are gone. The question begging for an answer is:  Will he  be true to his campaigns promises?

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A BBC commentary  column of 10  November 2016 raised some poignant posers for Trump on tackling some of the major issues he raised during his electioneering trips across America. I wish to recall few of them in this piece. Already some of  his cabinet nominees are talking of the rules of law to implement some  of Trump weird policies rather  than carrying them out by fiat.

First on his card is the removal of two million illegal immigrants. How he is going to achieve this still remains cloudy. There are only  an estimated 178,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records . Even  if they are two million, to begin mass deportation on that scale would  be hard. However, Americans are waiting for his joker.

Second: The building of Trump Wall. He has slightly changed one of  his campaign promises that would make Mexicans finance the building of  the wall to now saying the wall will be built through appropriations process as soon as April. In one of  his tweets, Trump said: “The congressional appropriations to build  the wall was because of speed”.

New York Republican Representative, Chris Collins, echoing that said American tax payers would fund  the  cost for the wall but that he was confident Trump would negotiate  getting the money back from Mexico. “When you understand that Mexico’s  economy is dependent upon US consumers, Donald Trump has all the cards  he needs to play.” The wall is estimated to cost as much as $10  billion (N480 billion).

Third: To deny visa- free travel to countries which refuse to take  back their citizens. In theory he can, under section 212 ( F) of the  Immigration and Nationality Act of 152 making reference to President  Barack  Obama who had used the act to block visas of certain groups. But for Trump to apply the rule to the entire countries of the world  may be difficult to achieve.

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Fourth: appointment of a new Supreme Court Judge. It is yet to be  seen. Though there is a vacancy in the higher echelon of the US court  after the death of conservative Antoin Scalia. President Obama has nominated a replacement but the Republican  controlled house has refused to consider it.

Mr Trump has an  opportunity to nominate a candidate to the Supreme Court. Through this, he could influence decisions on everything from abortion to freedom of the Press and probably same sex marriage.

Fifth: Repealing Obama Care. Already the Republican legislators who  now dominated the two houses of Congress have tactically endorsed Trump pledge to have Obamacare repealed as soon as he assumes office. Though this threat will be a tall order to achieve, Trump will  need to find a way to overcome a strong Democratic  opposition in both  houses. To repeal health legislation without an immediate replacement  will deny millions of Americans  now receiving affordable  health care.

Sixth: Cancellation of all payments to the UN climate change programmes. Though he can get the scrapping of payment through the Republican dominated Congress, he will have to contend with Paris Agreement which ratified it as an international law. Withdrawal may  take four years or more.

Seventh: Trump who described China as a currency manipulator may be  inclined to rattle China with an executive order to remedy what  he  considered an unacceptable situation. But given the vibrancy of the  Chinese economy, whatever measure President Trump might take against  China is likely to be of limited effect. The Trump cabinet is almost in place.

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These are the men and women who  will set the tone of implementing Trump “weirdest” ideas. It is,  however, a mixed grill.

Some of  his nominees do not share the rather  extreme positions of Trump on some issues, like the National Security  Adviser, Michael Flynn, who has a history of tactically supporting  anti- Muslim activists , Jefferson Beauregard who  believes in equal  rights for all and Steve Bannon – Trump’s Chief Strategist – whose  selection was most welcome by white supremacists.

In a most dramatic  twist on Tuesday 9  January 2016, Trump’s nominee for US Attorney  General stunned the Senate Confirmation Panel when he said: “I abhor  the KK Klan and what it represents and its hateful ideology.”

Even  those placard carrying protesters against his nomination: “Stop the racist pig from getting into power” were disappointed when he further said, he did not support outright Muslim ban from the U.S.  “We have  great Muslim citizens”.

Trump will be carrying a lot of baggage into his office next Friday  judging from his last news conference last Wednesday 11 January 2016.  As a business man , he maintained he would ever be, though he pledged  to transfer the running of his multi- billion dollars businesses to  his two sons.

His link to Russia  is an albatross that is making many  Americans to believe that their indomitable world influence will be   compromised.

And the last which to me will be very hard for him to  fight is his disdain for the Press.

The world is waiting for Trump and how he wants to actualise his  campaign mantra: ” WE WANT TO TAKE  OUR AMERICA BACK” against these  odds.

Folu Olamiti, a Media Consultant writes from Las Vegas.