Nigeria Military Denies Boko Haram Resurgence In North East


The Director of information, Nigerian Defence Headquarters, John Enenche, has reassured Nigerians that the military is still on top of the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East in spite of recent attacks and suicide bombings in the region.

He gave the assurance on Friday while presenting a monthly update on security situation across the nation.

The major general urged citizens not to lose faith in the ability of the military to completely bring insurgency in the country to an end, adding that there has been a change of strategy to address the recent developments.

Enenche said: “The general public has a feeling which I have been made to understand that there seems to be like there is resurgence of the Boko Haram activities in the North-east, particularly in Borno State.

“I stand here this morning to tell you categorically that it is not true.

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“Let me also remind you that the Boko Haram groups, I called them groups because it is not one. They vary in their characteristics and behaviour.

“They are not professional. They do not know what we armed forces of Nigeria know.”

The defence spokesman explained that the new tactics adopted by the military will enable the troops to clear the remaining insurgents.

“It is not that we have become docile or dormant, no,” he said.

“The apprehension from the public is becoming much from the dossier I get, but I am assuring them that the new tactics adopted by the military in eliminating the terrorists is working.”

Enenche noted that a good number of Boko Haram fighters were already willingly surrendering to the troops, and volunteering useful information that is helping in the counter terrorism operations.

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He noted that those who have surrendered would be “demobilised, disarmed and re-integrated into the society through targeted operated training.”

He also said that the Nigerian Air Force and the Nigerian Navy are also fully involved in the operations, with the Navy focusing on the situation in the Lake Chad region.

Enenche also noted that the military is also undertaking various other operations across the country to combat other forms of criminality.

They include “Operation Harbin Kunama II” in the North West, “Operation Safe Haven” in North Central; “Operation Delta Safe” in the Niger Delta, and “Operation Awase” in the South West.

The Military spokesman also revealed that the United Nations had indicated willingness to assist the country in removing landmines from farmlands in the North East, following a plea made in that regards by the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

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“And the promise from the body (UN) is very encouraging for the whole of that area to be demined,” he said.

“Of course, from other sectors of those involved in this initiative, you will discover that the area has been seriously mined.

“So, it is not easy for the people, IDPs to return to their homes and farms, but that effort is on. The Nigerian army engineers are there within the available resources to do their best.

“But the moment we get the required support from the international community, I tell you the exercise is going to be accelerated,” he added.