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30,000 Naira minimum wage finally endorsed by House of Representatives


AFTER debates by stakeholders including the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Council of State, the House of Representatives has finally resolved today that the minimum wage stays at N30, 000.

As a fallout of the third reading of the minimum wage bill, the members of the House of Representatives collectively came to a conclusion that the minimum wage should be N30, 000.

It is recounted that the N30, 000 minimum wage was suggested by the tripartite  committee President Buhari set up to look into the minimum wage matter.


In the executive bill tendered to the lawmakers, Buhari had consented to the N27, 000 proposed by the Council of State contrary to the committee’s recommendation of N30, 000.

The Council of State had met to counter the proposal, offering that workers should be paid N27, 000.

The legislature has now ruled in consonance with the tripartite committee’s report and recommendation.

With about a 66 per cent increase, Nigerian workers now graduate from 18,000 minimum wage to N30, 000 minimum wage. This is no doubt compensating but still a far cry from what counterparts in other parts of the world enjoy, statistics show

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