The ICIR project tagged “Using Investigative Journalism to promote Social Justice and Accountability Issues in West Africa”, is a two year project supported by Ford Foundation. The project aims at building the capacity of journalists on investigative data journalism to report on illicit financial flows and tax matters and also focuses on forging a collaboration between the media and civil society organisations in amplifying the social accountability and other works of the Civil Society Organisations through investigative reporting for more meaningful and enduring impact.

Timeline: The project will run for two years.


Training for journalists on Illicit financial flows and tax matters

Training For Civil Society Organisations on the Effective Use of the Media

Roundtable meeting between the Media and CSOs

Round-table meeting for media and civil society organisations partnership on governance and accountability campaigns

Advance Training on Investigative and Data Journalism


‘An educated person is a clown’: A tale of Sokoto varsity host communities - Adeyemi Ibrahim | December 23, 2019

INVESTIGATION: How lecturers fleece Offa Poly students through sale of sub-standard, unregistered books (2) - Alfred Olufemi | December 17, 2019

Plastic Wastes: The silent killer Nigerians love - Yekeen Akinwale | December 13, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Offa Poly students groan as school officials, associations impose illegal fees (1) -- Alfred Olufemi | December 8, 2019

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Oyo’s garri-producing community that lacks basic amenities - Adejumo kabir | December 1, 2019

Why The Blind Beg In Nigeria - Gbenga Oludare | November 30, 2019

Jire Dole: Agony of Borno women struggling to get justice for their missing men - Ajibola Amzat | November 25, 2019

Jonas Nyabor writes: Solid waste, faeces taking over Ghana’s public beaches - Jonas Nyabor | November 21, 2019

UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (III): A reporter’s diary — Living with a ‘mad’ cell mate, set up by prison warders, abducted by the police - ‘Fisayo Soyombo | October 23, 2019

How banditry, malnutrition are ravaging the Nigerian child - Grace Obike | Oct 10, 2019

UNDERCOVER: Drug Abuse, Sodomy, Bribery, Pimping… The Cash- And-Carry Operations Of Ikoyi Prisons 2 - ‘Fisayo Soyombo | Oct. 21, 2019

UNDERCOVER: Bribery, Bail For Sale… Lagos Police Station Where Innocent Civilians Are Jailed And Criminals Are Recycled (1) - ‘Fisayo Soyombo | Oct 14, 2019

Inside The Ibadan Polytechnic where corruption thrives (Part 2) - Uthman Samad | Oct. 4, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Nigeria’s Industrial Development Centres in its ‘death throes’ (Part 2) - Yekeen Akinwale | August 16, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Nigeria’s Industrial Development Centres on ‘death throes’ (Part1) - Yekeen Akinwale | August 6, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Digging for death, untold story of Osun artisanal gold miners (2) - Adanikin Olugbenga | August 3, 2019

INVESTIGATION… Thugs rule in Rivers markets, force multiple illegal taxes on petty traders, as govt feigns ignorance - Kelechukwu Iruoma | July 31, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Digging for death, untold story of Osun artisanal gold miners (1) - Adanikin Olugbenga | July 30, 2019

A Chinese billionaire and a tale of land grab in Northern Nigeria - Bakare Majeed | July 28, 2019

Chinese Quarries, Others In Search Of Solid Minerals Endanger Lives In Ogun State - Gbenga Ogundare | July 16, 2019

Inside The Polytechnic Where Academic Corruption Thrives (Part I) - Uthman Samad | July 09, 2019

TOXIC TABLETS, COUNTERFEIT PILLS (II): Inside The Evasive World Of Mischievous Drug Peddlers - Ibrahim Adeyemi | July 02, 2019

From Cocoa to Cannabis: Nigerian Farmers Seek Fortunes Inside Forbidden Farms - Bayo Akinloye | June 30, 2019

TOXIC TABLETS, COUNTERFEIT PILLS (1): Killer Drugs That Damage Nigerians’ Health - Ibrahim Adeyemi | June 28, 2019

Gidan Drama, ‘sparkling’ dark world of entertainment (Part 2) - Radio Nigeria | June 17, 2019

Birth registration is low in Imo, Rivers, and govt. officials are responsible - Jennifer UGWA | May 28, 2019

Jonas Nyabor writes: How illegal mining is wiping out Ghana’s forests - Jonas Nyabor | May 27, 2019

Birth Registration: How Population Officials Milk Mothers Dry - Adetola Bademosi | May 12, 2019

Special Report: Gidan Drama sparkling dark world of entertainment- Part 1 - Abdullah Lamino | May 9, 2019

INVESTIGATION: Ibadan central abattoir sited on family farmland brings frustration, resentment to host community - Aderemi Ojekunle | May 2, 2019

INVESTIGATION: How bribe-taking security operatives, gangs force Nigerians to pay dearly for food (PART 2) - Ibanga Isine | May 1, 2019

INVESTIGATION: How offshore company, others defrauded Nigeria of over N25 billion in revenue - Majeed BAKARE and Chikezie OMEJE | April 29, 2019

Special Report: Extortion, scarce centres bedevil birth registration in Kwara, Kano - Abujah Racheal | April 26, 2019

INVESTIGATION: How bribe-taking security operatives, gangs force Nigerians to pay dearly for food (PART 1) - Ibanga Isine | April 09, 2019

Nigeria’s Booming Business of Unfettered Identity Change - Bayo Akinloye | April 04, 2019

China’s lust for rosewood fuels logging in Ghana’s poorest region - Emmanuel K. Dogbevi | January 16, 2019

Investigation: Has Enugu State unlocked the model for genuine community development in Nigeria? - Wilfred Okiche | January 2019

Still Loading: How Slow Internet Speed Under-develops Nigeria’s Economy, Stifle SMEs Growth - Bayo Akinloye | December 23, 2018

Investigation: How delayed implementation of dirty fuel ban costs Nigerians billions - Daniel Adugbo | December 09, 2018

Inside Nigeria’s Companies Where Workers Are Employed Based on Skills Not Academic Qualifications - Bayo Akinloye | November 18, 2018

More secrecy surrounds female circumcision in South West Nigeria despite war against practice - Taiwo Oluwadare | November 01, 2018

Upward review of Ecological Fund reveals NASS’ culpability in mismanagement - Ruth Olurounbi | October 12, 2018

Why outbreak of waterborne diseases persists in North Central states - Adetola Bademosi | September 17, 2018

NYA begins review of ‘outdated’ youth policy - Jonas Nyabor | September 08, 2018

INVESTIGATION… ITSEKIRILAND: Abandoned Projects Litter Community As Leaders ‘Swallow’ Chevron’s N7.2bn Development Fund - Kelechukwu Iruoma | August 16, 2018


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