Promoting Good Governance.
The International Centre for Investigative Reporting, ICIR, Abuja, in collaboration with the Public and Private Development Centre, PPDC, is embarking on this project to build the capacity of Nigerian journalists to scrutinise budgetary and procurement issues, in order to create more transparency and accountability in the public sector.
The overall goal of the project is to strengthen investigative and data-driven journalism as tools for reducing corruption and enhancing accountability.
The project activities include training a pool of journalists from newsroom across Nigeria, internship programme with the PPDC, mentoring of trained journalists and investigating and publishing budget and procurement processes.
Duration: The project is designed to run for a three-year period.


| 21st November 2019

| Justina Asishana

| 7 March 2019

| Anthony Akaeze

Plastic Pollution

| 6 March 2019

| Anthony Akaeze

| 21 December 2018

| Innocent Duru


Basic Training for Abuja Based Journalists

Basic Training for Abuja Based Journalists

Basic Training for Non-Abuja Journalists

Advance Training for Abuja Based Journalists

Advance Training for Non-Abuja Based Journalists