Promoting Good Governance.


The International Centre for Investigative Reporting, ICIR, Abuja, in collaboration with the Public and Private Development Centre, PPDC, is embarking on this project to build the capacity of Nigerian journalists to scrutinise budgetary and procurement issues, in order to create more transparency and accountability in the public sector.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen investigative and data-driven journalism as tools for reducing corruption and enhancing accountability.

The project activities include training a pool of journalists from newsroom across Nigeria, internship programme with the PPDC, mentoring of trained journalists and investigating and publishing budget and procurement processes.

Duration: The project is designed to run for a three-year period.



Investigation: Oyo, Ogun, Ondo —states where pupils eat ‘unbalanced balanced diet’ under school feeding programme (PART I)

  The Federal Government boasts regularly that it feeds primary school pupils with 594 cattle, 138,000 chickens, 6.8 million eggs and 83 metric tons of fish on weekly basis. It is confident that pupils get a balanced diet. In this report, the first of a six - part, multi - newsroom investigation, on the Federal Government's  school feeding…

INVESTIGATION: Failed contracts, lack of community ownership mar multi-billion Naira Great Green Wall project (Part 2)

The second part of this investigation by Olugbenga Adanikin concludes the report on how the state ministries of environment accused FG of excluding it from the GGW project and how the exclusion contributes to the project failure. The report also shows how a clear breach of Public Procurement Act, a sack of forest guards as well as security threats…

INVESTIGATION: Failed contracts, lack of community ownership mar multi-billion Naira Great Green Wall project

In this investigative piece, OLUGBENGA ADANIKIN writes on the impact of climate change in 11 northern states in Nigeria where desert encroachment is threatening the survival of rural communities on daily basis. The report also details how the multi-billion Naira projects aimed at planting walls of trees across over 7,700 kilometres of the desert…

Failed Ekiti constituency projects: Client, contractor in blame game as multi-million naira boreholes dry up (Part 2)

In this concluding part of last Saturday’s report on failed 2016 constituency projects in Ekiti State, INNOCENT DURU sought the comments of the contractors, lawmakers, contracting government agency and experts on why the borehole projects failed and exposed the residents of affected communities water-borne diseases as they resort to using and…

INVESTIGATION: Millions meant for combating HIV/AIDS in Nigeria end up in private pockets

The ICIR investigations show that hundreds of millions of naira released for HIV campaigns, counselling and testing services may have ended in private pockets of contractors and government officials, as companies were specifically registered to siphon funds meant to save the lives of the infected. IN October of 2015, National Agency for the…

| 7 March 2019

| Anthony Akaeze

Plastic Pollution

| 6 March 2019

| Anthony Akaeze

| 21 December 2018

| Innocent Duru


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