Adebayo Shittu on Buhari: If a child does well in secondary school, let him go to university


Adebayo Shittu, Minister of Communications, says the South West campaign office for the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari would be inaugurated on January 20.

Shittu said that Buhari’s supporters are urging him to re-contest, because if a child performs well in primary school, then it is a given that he should go to the university.

Speaking with State House correspondents after briefing Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, he said: “By the grace of God, we his (Buhari’s) ardent supporters who appreciate his worth on behalf of millions of Nigerians would urge him to re-contest.”

He said they would help Buhari to make up his mind so that Nigeria can continue to enjoy stability and progress.

“I know he has not made up his mind but I can say that some of us can assist him in making up his mind so that Nigeria can continue to enjoy stability and progress in our land,” Shittu added.

“It goes without saying. I mean if you have a child who goes to primary school and he does well, he proceeds to secondary school and he does well, and you keep asking if he will be going to university. It goes with out saying.”


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