Army Denies Arresting Boko Haram Leader

The military said Saturday that so far there has been no arrest or operation by foreign military or security allies in the ongoing efforts to rescue the abducted Chibok girls or the conduct of the ongoing counter terrorist campaign in the country.

This was reacting to reports published in some dailies which indicated that U. S. marine troops had arrested a leader of the Boko Haram sect and also located where the abducted girls are being detained.

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The Defence Headquarters said contrary to the reports and the pictures being circulated to illustrate the claims, there has been no incident as reported.

“The pictures being circulated to illustrate the claims in the story are not related to the situation in Nigeria as they were taken from scenes in other countries.”

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“Indeed, no troop of the American Marines has so far been deployed in any part of Nigeria as is being circulated in certain media, ” said Director of Defense information, Chris Olukolade.

He said the public will be duly briefed on the areas of collaboration with allied forces in the mission to bring back our girls as the need arises.



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