Electricity Consumers In Edo Threaten Showdown With Distribution Firm

Some residents of Edo State have issued a seven-day ultimatum to the authorities of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDISCO, to stop the monthly collection of N750 being compulsorily levied on electricity consumers.

The petitioners – Kaduna Eboigbodin, Austin Osakue, Patrick Eholor and others – acting through a law firm, Aigbokhan and Ajanaku, said the charge was not for any discernible service rendered and is therefore “extortionary, oppressive and illegal.”

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They said the contract between the company and electricity consumers is to purchase a meter and thereafter purchase recharge vouchers to service their meters, noting that in a situation where they are being supplied electricity via an analogue meter, they ought to be charged only based on relevant readings on the meter, without the additional arbitrary fixed charge.

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The petitioners therefore asked that the compulsory charge be suspended within seven days, failure of which they will mobilize consumers across the state and beyond to resist the charges.



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