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Finally, court grants bail to ‘pregnant and ill’ Maryam Sanda


Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Federal Capital Territory High Court has granted bail to Maryam Sanda, who allegedly murdered, Bilyamin Bello, her husband, in November 2017.

Halilu granted Sanda bail based on medical reports confirming her pregnancy and illness.

Twice, Justice Halilu had denied Sanda bail — Joseph Daudu, her counsel, first said that she was ill, and later that she was pregnant.

Sanda is alleged to have inflicted fatal injuries on her husband on suspicion of infidelity.

The deceased, who is a nephew to Haliru Bello, former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was reported to have divorced his first wife before marrying Sanda. The couple had a daughter together.

Maimuna Aliyu, Sanda’s mother, and Aliyu Sanda, her brother, have also been charged with tampering with the crime scene. They had allegedly mopped the floor where Sanda killed her husband, so as to deceive investigators.

The accused person had been remanded in Suleja prisons since she was first arraigned in November, while her mother and brother were immediately granted bail.

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