GSM services restored in Yobe

Telecommunication services which were shut down two months ago have been restored in Yobe State.

Telecom services  withdrawn in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states after President Goodluck Jonathan declared emergency rule in the three states following unrelenting siege by Boko Haram insurgents.

All mobile telephone networks suddenly started to work by evening on Wednesday although MTN subscribers experienced rather epileptic service.

The restoration of telecom services might be in response to passionate pleas by the Yobe State governor, Ibrahim Geidam whiargued that the security situation had worsened by the absence of telecommunication facilities.

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The governor reasoned that people who are willing to provide intelligence and information to the military have not been able to do so because there was no way of making phone calls.

Also, members of the House of Representatives made a passionate plea to President Jonathan to order a restoration of telephone services to help the security situation in the state.

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In a statement issued yesterday, the Military Joint Task Force inYobe State commended residents for their patience during the period when telecom services were not available in the state.

The statement signed by the JTF spokesman, Eli Lazarus, appealed for the continuing support of the people in the efforts to restore peace and security in the state. .

The JTF asked residents to feel free “to provide credible and timely information that will assist the JTF to protect lives and property”.

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It also provided GSM numbers through which the public can reach it. The numbers are 07065066662,07065085459, 07065088065, 07065085988,07065065333.”

The restoration of telephone services in Yobe State came a week after they were returned to Adamawa State s leaving out BornoState.



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