Insecurity: Lai Mohammed says world powers have refused to provide weapons to Nigeria despite payment

LAI Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture has said that certain world powers have  refused to supply Nigeria with weapons to fight terrorism, despite payments made in full. 

“For more than two to three years now, we have paid for certain vital weapons that they have not released to us and they even refused to give us spare parts,” Mohammed said on Thursday, when he featured on the News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja.

The Minister further appealed to the ‘world powers’ to provide vital platforms and weapons to Nigeria to assist the country’s fight against insecurity, adding that they shouldn’t be weighed by unsubstantiated arguments.

“I want to use this opportunity to say that the international community can help us better than they are doing right now. To fight terrorists, we need platforms and weapons,” he said.

“When the international community is weighed by unsubstantiated arguments to deny the country of vital platforms and weapons to fight insecurity, you cannot turn round to accuse the country of not fighting terrorism.”

NAN reports that the minister said for Nigerians to fairly assess the efforts of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in the fight against insecurity, they should compare where the country was pre-2015 and today.

Meanwhile, earlier in August, the United Kingdom (UK) issued a travel advisory to its citizens in Nigeria against travelling to Kaduna and some other states in the country over insecurity challenges.

UK Government stated all but essential travels to Kaduna, Bauchi, Zamfara, and Kano states should be avoided by Britons in Nigeria.


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