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John S. Knight Fellowship Opportunities Opens For Journalists

Journalists from across the world can apply for the 2015-2016 John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship in the United States of America.

The 10 month program every year brings together at Stanford University 20 selected journalists and journalism entrepreneurs from around the world who propose a specific challenge they want to explore in hopes of identifying potential solutions they will continue to work on beyond their fellowship.

To qualify for this fellowship, Journalists and journalism entrepreneurs must be curious and optimistic about the opportunities presented by the dramatic changes in journalism. The program is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in journalism.

Fellows in the program work on solving challenges facing journalists and journalism such as finding ways to reach underserved communities, leveraging technology to help journalism, seeking innovative ways to financially support quality journalism as well as fostering independent journalism in countries without a history of a free Press.

The deadline for application is Dec. 1, 2014 for both U.S. and foreign journalists

For more details on the John S. Knight Fellowship click here.