Media, CSO group warns ex-lawmaker Nwulu to stop harassment of journalist

Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom (CWPPF) has expressed shock at a press statement by Mr. Tony Nwulu wherein he reiterated earlier threats made against Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of OrderPaper Nigeria, Mr. Oke Epia.

The coalition, in a press release, described Nwulu’s claim  that Epia is a politician as “bogus and baseless”.

“Tagging of Epia as a politician and not a journalist is ridiculous and exposes him as one on a sinister scheme to further harass, blackmail, intimidate and muzzle the media with the sole aim of preventing it from performing its legal and constitutional duties of holding public officials to account.

“For the records, Epia is one of Nigeria’s notable journalists of his generation with several remarkable contributions in investigative in journalism and growth and development of the media.

“The OrderPaper Nigeria platform he founded and manages is making its mark already in daily reportage and engagement with the legislature, especially the National Assembly of Nigeria.

“That a journalist took leave of office at a time in his career to serve in public office in a professional capacity and thereafter returned to the newsroom after his tour of duty does not make him a politician, or any less a journalist.”

The coalition said Mr. Nwulu’s portrayal of Epia  is “a subtle underground plot for possible molestation and attacks from political operatives and thugs in furtherance of the former lawmaker’s interests.”

The group therefore called on the police and other law enforcement authorities to take note of  Nwulu’s attack on the media and journalists.

It warned that that should anything untoward happen to Epia and his colleagues at OrderPaper, the ex-lawmaker should be held responsible and accountable.

“We make this as a final warning to Mr. Nwulu to desist from his ill-advised attack and harassment of the media. Since The OrderPaper have said they stand by their story, Mr. Nwulu is obliged to toe the decent and civilized path of proving them wrong by making the facts available to the public,” the statement read.







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