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Military Warns Against Unchecked Movement In Boko Haram Territory

The Defence Headquarters has warned that obstructive, suspicious or risky movement of tourists, journalists and adventurers in areas where security operations are currently going on, especially in Adamawa and Borno States, without the necessary security cover or clearance, will not be condoned.

Director of Defense Information, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, noted in a statement on Sunday that there is a a large number of visitors of diverse interests moving about in areas with high security risk, without the necessary security cover or clearance.

Olukolade said while this poses unnecessary danger to the persons, especially foreigners, it also causes undue obstruction to security operations in these areas.

“Much as the military has nothing to hide and believes in the freedom of movement in the country, the need for all persons to recognize the status of certain places as operational area is hereby reiterated,” he said.

The Army also warned that anyone violating the existing procedures for coverage or movement in the mission area does so at his or her own peril as the security forces will not take responsibility for any unsavory outcome of such movement.

It assured that necessary arrangement will continue to be made for the protection of persons and visitors whose movement is duly cleared with appropriate authorities.