Nigeria At War With Unknown Enemies – Gov Jang

Nigeria is fighting unknown enemies, governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State said on Friday when he visited the scenes of Tuesday’s twin bomb blasts in Jos.

At least 78 persons have been confirmed dead and several others are receiving treatments for injuries, following the blast.

“This is a different type of war from the wars that we all know; these are enemies that are unknown; and these are the worst enemies that you can fight because you don’t know where they are coming from, you don’t know where and how to tackle them until suddenly you are taken by surprise as it is now,” he said.

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The governor expressed the view that most of the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against the country’s Northeast region were non-Nigerians employed by the evil people in Nigeria to kill Nigerians and urged well-meaning people to rise to the country’s defence.

“These people are being sponsored, they come to a place. They don’t stay on trees, but with people. We are made to understand that they bring in these bombs not as bombs but they bring them as materials and assemble them in one of our houses. Why is it difficult for people to report such cases?” he asked.

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Jang further advised politicians to stop using the security challenges being faced by the country to gain cheap political advantage.

Commenting on the issue of the Kidnapped Chibok girls, Jang said “we are all sad about the disappearance of these girls and the federal qovernment is working seriously with the international community to locate where they are.”

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He called on politicians to assist the government by also using their connections to proffer solutions instead of discrediting the President.



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