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PDP Has Not Started Campaigning – Chairman

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, says it has only been receiving new members into its fold and has not begun campaign for the upcoming 2015 general elections.

Chairman of the party in Plateau State, Haruna Dabin, justified this on Sunday, reasoning that “a political party is just a social mobilisation outfit”

The ruling party had come under heavy criticisms by both the opposition and political analysts over its rallies in Kano, Enugu, Sokoto, Kaduna, Bauchi, Minna and Owerri, among others.

However, Dabin said the PDP cannot start any campaigns now because it has no candidate for the 2015 elections yet, stressing that while there have been calls for Jonathan to seek a second tenure, the President was yet to declare his stand on the matter.

“You campaign if there are candidates or aspirants, but there is none now. So, for whom shall we campaign? And what shall we be saying? All we are doing now is receiving defectors and as far as I know, no INEC (Indepedent National Electoral Commission) law forbids that” he declared.

He said further: “what the PDP has been doing lately is to receive new members into its fold and that does not translate into campaigns. It is not the first time political parties are receiving new entrants.”

Dabin recalled that the opposion All Progressive Congress, APC, was the first to start receiving even governors and senators that defected to their fold, and yet were not accused of campaigning.

“Again, it is also fair to draw a line between President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP member Goodluck Jonathan. When Jonathan visited Sokoto, Owerri, Kano and the other towns recently, he did so in his capacity as a PDP member and not necessarily as President. It is always good and fair to draw the line,” he said.

Dabin appealed to politicians and political analysts to be fair to the President in their interpretations of such visits, stressing that PDP was a law abiding party that would always respect due processes.

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