Plateau Invests N2 Billion To Resuscitate Jos Wild Life Park

The Plateau State government said on Friday it had earmarked N2 billion to resuscitate the Jos Wild Life Park.

The commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Abraham Yiljap, said this in Jos when he inspected facilities at the park.

“We have now set aside N2 billion for resuscitating the wild life park. What we are going to see would just be the first phase of the handling, because we require much more than that,” he said.

According to the commissioner, between N7 billion and N9 billion is required to completely transform the Jos park into a modern one that would attract tourists and boost the revenue of the state.

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Yiljap said that facilities at the park would be upgraded and linked to the internet so that the people would access the park from any part of the world.

He also explained that funds had been set aside to upgrade facilities at the Solomon Lar Amusement Park in Jos.

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“Even for the Solomon Lar Amusement Park, we have N150 million that was set aside to tackle the expansion that would take care of the children’s playground, for example. We want the whole family to come in there. We want to secure the place for them and we want to have more facilities that would enable people to relax with their families,” he said.

The commissioner said that the state government would take steps to reclaim park lands that had been encroached upon and that a stakeholders meeting would be convened to discuss the issues before any decision would be taken so that people with genuine cases would be listened to.

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Earlier, the manager of the Jos Wild Life Park, Victor Damar, listed some of the challenges facing the park such as trespass, vandalism of facilities, poaching and absence of some animals.



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