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Retirees Allege Looting Of Pension Funds, Want Task Force Re-instated

Retired public servants in the country have alleged a mass looting of pension funds since the disbandment of the Pension Reform Task Team, PRTT, and have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to reinstate the special intervention team.

In an open letter addressed to the President, the senior citizens, under aegis of the Association of Retired Federal Pensioners, lamented that since the dissolution of the PRTT, their situation has worsened, as their monies are being siphoned by the cabal which took over from the task team.

The letter to the president was signed by the national chairman of the association, Emmanuel Omoyeni.

“Our situation is getting worse. Several of our members’ economy has dipped, health worsening, many cannot even feed well or fund the cost of their medications. Many are daily dying in throes,”Omoyeni said.

Recalling what now seems to be the good old days under the Abdulrasheed Maina-led PRTT, the pensioners said during that era, once they were captured on the biometric database, they were sure to receive alerts of their pension monthly, but that the case has not been the same with the new administration of the scheme.

He alleged that since the sacking of the PRTT, billions of naira are being paid out monthly in the name of pensioners but that these monies do not get to them.

“Sir, it is so sad to inform you hat the looting era is boldly resurfacing and bringing back the pension offices to the dark gloomy days of corrupt prac ices with no restrain,” the pensioners lamented.

Omoyeni recalled that the task team had ” traced and recovered stolen funds pension funds/properties running into billions of naira from corrupt government officials” and “cracked down on notorious pension cartel” before the Senate stopped it.

“There was no reason for the disbandment of the PRTT as no culpability was ever established against the team,” Omoyemi stated.

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