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Nigerian Military Reclaims Alagamo In Borno State

The Nigerian military says it has recaptured Alagamo, a town  in Borno State from Boko Haram terrorists.

According to a statement signed by Chris Olukolade, defence spokesman, items recovered from the insurgents include “Armoured vehicles, several arms and ammunitions of various sizes and calibres, power generating sets, grenades and Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs), bows and arrows, megaphones and rolls of copper cable which the terrorists  used as one of the materials to make IEDs.

Armoured vehicle captured from Boko Haram

Cordon and search are said to be on-going in order to make the town conducive enough for residents to return.

Alagamo was seen as a major hideout for Boko Haram aside Sambisa Forest and with the capture, a significant blow is believed to have been dealt the insurgents.

“Alagarno also provided routes used by the terrorists to neighbouring towns and countries. The thick forest in the area had made it a safe haven for the terrorists for a long time as the terrain was not easily accessible and it was endowed with natural hideouts from aerial bombardments,” the statement read.



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