Undercover report exposes Nigerian Eddie Anideh as mastermind behind trafficking of African women to India

EDDIE Anideh, a Nigerian and chairman of All India Nigerian Students and Community Association (AINSCA), has been exposed in an undercover report by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa Eye as the mastermind behind an organised human trafficking network which victimises African women in India.

In the report, Grace, one of the victims from Kenya, went undercover to show how Anideh operates the trafficking network that has succeeded in taking women from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Rwanda to India for sex slavery.

With a hidden camera, Grace revealed how she was deceived and linked to a certain Goldie, who promised her a job as a video vixen, that can pay up to 10,000 rupees (N51,000) in a day, and a promise to settle her passport, visa, flight ticket to India and accommodation to take on the job.

Having a daughter to cater for, Grace didn’t think twice before hopping into the plane for India, in hope of a better life.

Upon reaching India, she met with Goldie; a madame in the sex trade industry, who informed her that she was owing 270,000 rupees (N1.3 million) counted as a cost of her transportation to India.

To pay up, she was asked to sleep with men daily until her debt was settled. Speaking with BBC African eye, Grace, recalled that it was the beginning of her life as a sex slave in India.

Many girls including Grace, had their passports seized upon reaching India and were all forced to serve as ‘meals’ in the ‘kitchens,’ where the sex trade business was carried out on a daily basis and run by Anideh, who was referred to as the ‘chairman.’

Anideh also serves as the task force chairman of AINSCA in Tughlakabad. The organisation which poses as a community for Nigerian students in India is recognised by the Nigerian High Commission (NHC) and Nyasha Kadandara, BBC Africa Eye journalist, told The ICIR that neither AINSCA or NHC has taken any steps against Anideh or his cohort despite the revealing report.

“Since the film came out nothing has happened to Anideh. The Nigerian High Commission and AINSCA both stand by him so he hasn’t even been removed from his position,” Kadandara said.

According to the BBC report, when AINSCA was contacted, it responded saying: “Taskforce chairman is in Tughlakabad but his duties are strictly as defined in the AINSCA constitution which in no way condones illegal activity.”


Also, the Nigerian High Commission in response to BBC questions said: “It recognises AINSCA. We work with them because it is more practical to provide consular assistance to the many Nigerians who live in India with their cooperation. However, the relationship is strictly in compliance with Indian and Nigerian laws, and also with their own constitutions. None of which endorses criminal activity such as trafficking.”

Meanwhile, another victim of sex trade from Nigeria, Omolola Ajayi, a 23-year-old single mother from Osun state recently got rescued after being trafficked to Lebanon.

Ajayi who cried out in a now-viral video narrated how she was deceived into taking a job as a teacher in Lebanon only to be used as a domestic slave.

Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) on Twitter announced that Ajayi has been rescued from her oppressor and now safe in the hands of Goni Modu Zanna Bura, the Nigerian Ambassador in Beirut.


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