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VIDEO: No one country can do it alone… Kofi Anan makes case for a more united world

KOFI Anan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, may have passed on, but his legacy in the international community will live on.

Anan’s 10-year leadership of the UN (January 1997 to December 2006) was largely successful, leading to his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

In 2017, in an interview he granted to the UK-based Channel 4 News, Anan called for a more united world, stressing that the no one country, no matter how powerful, can singlehandedly, successfully tackle the challenges facing the world today.

“In fact, there will be more conflicts and tension if each country says ‘I’m okay, I don’t care about what happens beyond my borders,” he said.

Watch an excerpt of the interview as shared by Channel4News to commemorate Anan’s demise.

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