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Westgate Mall Attack: Kenya Sacks 15 Immigration Officers

The Kenyan government has fired 15 immigration officers following an audit on the Westgate Mall attack in September.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Ole Lenku, on Friday in Nairobi , said that the officers were implicated in the issuance of Kenyan identification documents to illegal immigrants.

“These officers will soon be arraigned in court,” Lenku said.

During the September 21 terror attack, the worst in over a decade, at least 67 people were killed by Al-Shabaab fighters and 175 injured.

He said the purge would extend to many other government departments.

“We want to remove all those who may have been part of the network that is facilitating the issuance of Kenyan identification documents to illegal immigrants who turn out to be criminals,” he said.

The government has redeployed experienced administration officers to the department of immigration to help streamline and reorganise the department.

“These officers will help to streamline and revamp the immigration department as to avoid a recurrence of security lapses we have witnessed in the past,” the official said.

The cabinet secretary noted that the government is also seeking to amend the laws that govern the registration of persons.

“This will help to strengthen the identification process before one is given an identity card. I have given instructions that if cards are not collected within three months, they be destroyed,’’ he said.

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