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Adama Adama, owner of Enadama Group, defrauds investor of over N8m, shuts down office




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ENADAMA Group touts itself as one of the leading group of companies ‘building lasting solutions to solve Africa’s pertinent problems.’

To achieve the luscious goal, it claims to focus on creating unlimited wealth for Africans through the use of technological innovations.

But that is actually far from reality. It has rather subjected people to awful experiences through its investment platforms.


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The group has interests in agriculture, finance, education, healthcare, oil and gas, media and logistics as well as construction and engineering. And these services are rendered through its smaller brands identified as Farm4me, Viablex, Ceepass, Eliaversity, Medcity, and Lasting Infrastructure Limited.

They are owned by one Adama Adama, a serial entrepreneur from Benue State. Within a short while of operation, it acquired a microfinance bank –   Jamis Microfinance Bank. That was in December 2021.

But, in 2020, Aiseosa Ogunbor, one of the firm’s investors, invested in Viablex, the group’s agricultural trading platform.

Ogunbor’s N3m investment

Besides, Ogunbor also invested through his registered farm business – Kyrenia.

He is among scores of other Nigerians who had put their money into the investment. Similar investments were earlier exposed by this online newspaper.

On December 8, 2021, the investment firm boasted of a growing user base of “70, 000 registered users.”

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But it has since shut out members from communicating directly in a Telegram platform set up as one of the channels of communication, mainly to lodge complaints should there be any.

The last time an investor communicated via the channel was September 4, 2021, The ICIR investigation shows.

Some had earlier complained of finding it difficult to withdraw from their electronic wallet, also on the portal.

Nevertheless, Adama has somehow enjoyed media prominence such that in July 2021, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, also appointed him the managing director of Royal African Farm owned by the king. He justified his decision by describing the accused as ‘worthy son of Oduduwa.’

But when Ogunbor could no longer bear the repeated failed promises of getting his Return on Investment (RoI), he mailed The ICIR for possible support to help recover his principal and RoI.

“I bring to your attention VIABLEX, FARM4ME, and CEEPAS all registered under the ENADAMA GROUP and owned by one Mr. Adama Adama.

“Thousands of Nigerians have invested via the above-mentioned platforms but since last year no one has been paid, offices closed and they do not respond to emails. The same thing Titan Farms has been doing for months,” he told The ICIR.

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“I personally have over N8 million and to date, a dime has not been paid (CAPITAL + ROI). Please, sir kindly look into this case to enable investors recover their funds.”

The ICIR attempted to join the Farm4Me group on Telegram. This reporter saw 2,104 members as of the time of attempting to join the Telegram group. It was learnt that before now, investors could exchange messages via the communication channel, but that does not happen again. They could only read but not respond on the Telegram platform.

This reporter can confirm that Enadama Group is aware of the regulatory guideline designed by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) for firms involved in crowdfunding to run their businesses.

But it argues that its operation is more guided by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), rather than SEC. But, that is not true because the public invests money into its platform with the hope of getting return on investment (RoI) after a few months. Regardless, the firm seeks to get a ‘Certificate of No Objection’ from the SEC.

Multiple investments with no ROI, principal

On June 30, 2021, Kyrenia Farm invested in Viablex, the sum of N500, 000. The expected RoI was N675, 000.

In July 2021, precisely on Sunday 25, Viablex issued another invoice confirming Kyrenia’s Farm’s N300, 000 investments with N405, 000 as the RoI.

A few days after, on July 31, the firm committed N1 million to the project with the hope of getting N1.35m.

The following month, August 13, 2021, another round of N3m investment was done by Ogunbor, with a RoI of N4.05m. Ogunbor is the chief executive officer of Kyrenia farm.

The day after, on August 14, the same year, Kyrenia which is Okunbor’s firm. invested 300, 000 with RoI of N405, 000.

About a week after, on August 27, the same year, the same investor put in 610, 000 with RoI of N823, 500.

On September 14, 2021, the firm invested another N300, 000 with an expected N405, 000 as the ROI.

By October, Ogunbor with his firm, Kyrenia Farm, had invested over N6m (N8.11m anticipated return) with no ROI. Yet, it continued with another round of investment. As at October 4, 2021, the principal investment was N615, 625, with an expected RoI of N831, 094.

Aside from Okunbor’s Kyrenia Farm, one Mrs. Rachael Emmanuel also invested the sum of N393, 024 in Viablex with an anticipated RoI of N530,582.

As of the time of filing this report, the investors are still awaiting payments.

50 per cent RoI in four months

Meanwhile, with the vision to raise 1 million commodity trading millionaires in Nigeria, Adama had promised investors a 50 per cent (RoI) in four months.

Here is how it works: The customers are majorly required to invest in commodity export orders from international buyers.

The investors could also buy commodities and store them online. This could be resold once the price appreciates.

Subscribers could as well sell their farm produce directly to off-takers (buyers) through the internet using the platform at better prices.

“List your contract farming company on Viablex, food processors and commodity exporters will contract you to farm for them; request for a loan and receive it instantly in your bank account.”

These were some of the juicy promises the platform made to its subscribers.

But over a year after Ogunbor’s N6 million investment, he is yet to get his principal nor has he received his returns as promised.

On February 16, The ICIR reached out to Adama to establish his compliance with SEC regulations but he failed to respond.  The ICIR also asked him why he had failed to pay investors.

A text message and multiple calls to him were not responded to.

His legal adviser Napoleon Otache did not also return calls and a message sent to him.

Firm shuts operations, offices under lock and key 

On Wednesday, February 23, The ICIR attempted to pay the investment firm a visit at its two offices located in Abuja.

They are situated at Suite 102 and 103, Millenium Plaza, Central Business District (CBD) and Suite 36A, Anon Plaza, Gudu, also in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), respectively. However, the offices were under lock and key.

At Gudu District, the Farm4me sticker posted on the sliding doors was still visible. But, it was not the case at the CBD office. There was nothing to identify the investment firm.

A security official working at a new generation bank also within the Millenium Plaza confirmed that the office was being occupied by ‘Farm4me’ until it vacated. But, he could not establish the exact timeframe they left the office.

Other individuals within the complex had earlier dismissed the firm’s existence in the office complex. This implies there are no means investors resident in Abuja could physically reach out to the firm, except via emails.

Firm petitions EFCC, ICPC, DSS others

ON January 17, Adama wrote to all his investors informing them of the challenges confronting his firm.

He acknowledged the lingering problems but attributed delayed payment to a supposed cyber attack on his firm’s payment platform.

Still, the investors consider this story untrue. Some believe he should not have used their investment to acquire the microfinance bank and other fixed or non-liquid assets.

“What caused the delay in payment of ROI is the cyber security threats and attacks on our platforms, delayed local and international vendors payment, and negative Nairaland and other social media posts and comments due to the delayed payment of RoI.

“This sent the wrong signals that led to panic withdrawals. No financial institution in the world can withstand panic withdrawals based on negative speculations,” Adama stated in a letter sent to one of the investors.

The ICIR saw copies of ‘a situation report’ written by Adama to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Department of Secret Service (DSS), the Independent Corrupt Practice, and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), including the Police.

Letter to Law Enforcement Agencies and Acknowledgements by Olugbenga Adanikin on Scribd

The letter came through his lawyer and was received on January 10 by the Police and EFCC.

The same letter was acknowledged by the ICPC the next day. The DSS received it on January 13.

“Due to our present situation, we embarked on the reorganization of our team to reduce financials. We have a lean team right now. So if you notice that some of our staff are no longer with us now, that shouldn’t surprise you. We will call some of them back when we gain stability in the coming months. We are still a close-knit family.

“We have reported our present predicament to the EFCC, The Nigeria Police, DSS, ICPC, and NSCDC….,” he stated in the letter to the investors.

Adama agreed he failed to fulfill his part of the deal but assured that he was leading a team of fundraisers to pay back investors.

“In the middle of the little storm, we also got access to long-term financing opportunities with development finance institutions. This will help strengthen us financially in the coming months.”

The responsibility currently lies with the petitioned antigraft agencies to ensure investors are timely refunded.

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Olugbenga is an Investigative Reporter with The ICIR. Do you have a scoop? Shoot him an email at oadanikin@icirnigeria.org. Twitter Handle: @OluAdanikin

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  1. I used my graduity to invest invest in your company so as to have something to rely on. A sum of #2.7m was invested in July last hoping to receive my ROI in January 19th and 28th this year. I haven’t received a dime. Please and please pay my money. Adama. Adama. I invested because I thought you will have integrity. Please for God sake pay our money

  2. I have been investigating the workers (both present and former ) and i have all their full names, address and picture , as far as I am concerned they are all.in together. All these will be posted on social media unless our monies are return to us Mr Adama and Co. Pay us. These employees are enjoying in their house we investors are suffering. Don’t use our hard earned money for you political ambitions .
    Please if all our monies are not paid all the families of the staff shalls of viable x, and other criminal front companies will suffer for it because I’m causing you all from the bottom of my heart . I did not steal to get the money so please do not steal from us. God will surely punish all you criminals and all your families together. I give you one week because after that things unexplained will start happening to all of you. I cause you alll

  3. Nobody seems to be talking about this fraudulent act anymore. Please pay us our money before people start committing suicide. I know that is what you criminals want

  4. Reading comments made me get goose bump. How on heart ❤ will u people invest such huge amount of money to a human just like u?
    Honestly, I have remorse/pity on you people that invest.

  5. It is with deep pain that l write. My investment was due since November 2021 675,000, uptil now l have not been paid. I introduce someone also whoes due date was November to date she has not been paid. She is worried and on my “me”. Haa, l have visited their office many times locked up. I called a staff l know too well, she does not pick her calls, no information or even e-mails they were sending at the beginning. Please pay me my money. Bills are accumulating and our funds are trapped. Do the needful and wipe away our tears not to loose our hard earned money.

  6. I have been crying ever since I realized adama j adama scammed me of my money, adama I swear with my blood ,if you don’t pay investor their money including my money invested on viable x, you and your family won’t see the end of this year 2022 , I thought you had integrity only to swindle a poor boy like me, I suffered to get the Money I invested, the spirit of death bears me witness

  7. Adama J Adam, if you are so sure of your facts and figures concerning your purported claims of Feb 25. 2022, go to Channels Tv or any other media outfit to clear the air.
    Pls pay all those people that invested in your various platforms. I am having #2.5m invested in your fictitious schemes.
    Where is “Crime Alert” owner today? You may think that you know those at the top and that “nothing fit do you”, but it is today that you could see anyway.

  8. He his a devil, i have investment of over 2m with him also, he used our money to buy new mansion in abuja brought a micro bank also..his ex girlfriend called esther is also a staff and part of the syndicate grouo also Victoria is part of the fraud group. I will find you one by one and hunt you down

  9. He his a devil, i have investment of over 2m with him also, he used our money to buy new mansion in abuja brought a micro bank also..his ex girlfriend called esther is also a staff and part of the syndicate grouo also Victoria is part of the fraud group. I will find you one by one and hurt you down

  10. My investment has been due but no money was paid into my e wallet. My wallet is still 0 naira. Complained but no response. My certificate history is showing paid out. The investment page is also showing 0 naira. Please, please and please pay my money. I worked so hard for it.

  11. I am highly disappointed in Adama J Adama, had thought he has integrity and would do the needful as he promised. Little did I know he’s no different from others who swindle investors of their hard earned money, keep them incommunicado and move on without caring whose ox is gored. So much injustice in the land… And those who should speak up and fight are quiet. Or is he not the one chosen by African Royal Farm to be their MD? Still the same person wanting to occupy a parliamentarian seat. That can only happen in Nigeria. What a shame?

  12. Ceepass pay my family our money and stop making life difficult for people
    We have over N2M with you Adama
    We cannot communicate with anyone since January, all communication avenue is blocked.
    You promised to start payment in March but this is a lie, no one can testify to been paid.

    ICIR, please don’t keep quiet on this.

  13. No one is talking about how adama is oweing his staffs 3 months salary and sacked them around January,some of the staffs that invested too hasn’t been paid till date and no one is hearing from him either and yet he is contesting for house of rep doing philanthropist. Adama your birthday is coming up soon pay up except you want to celebrate it with sorrow cause that’s what you’ve caused lots of people pain and depression some have even died because of it.
    Pay up now

  14. This is April and Adama has kept us all quiet, he promised he would pay between the month on January to March but he has not paid any single person, he wants to go away people’s money expecting them to forget their money and then move on, he claims he didn’t use investors money to get the microfinannce bank then what did you do with people’s money? You have the guts to contest in your state, using people’s money in your community, you have settled the top bodies that can come against you and then you feel this is Nigeria, as usual, you would get away with people’s money. You can run but you can’t hide from the pains and curses from people. Please pay up our money and stop keeping us quiet.

  15. Who has Adama J Adama contact details should please share.I have never seen such a dishonest fellow in my life.

  16. It is the 5th of April and Mr Adama Adama is yet to either pay or address Investors. I have his junior brother by name Sunday, who responds discreetly here and there, he has gone under cover now. I just wonder how this small boy called Adama Adama think he can swindle me about 4M Naira just like that!
    He isn’t smart by half at all. You went ahead to use Investors’ money to acquire private investment as if this country is lawless. We are gathering info on all your investment, hidden and known, and we will come after you for serious charges that will liquidate you and keep you behind bars for a long time. Stop playing games with people’s life. Pay up or face bad music. Your dance will be in the public square soon

  17. Adama J Adama is a wicked person you are using my life saving for your political ambition while you subjected me and my family to hardships you are sharing rice to people for your political support while I can not buy gari for my family in Christmas because all I have as Retiree you deprived me of my life saving . As God leaveth he will withdraw peace from you and your family until you pay my 1.3million. ICIR your effort are highly appreciated God will stand up for you . If not you, all Government agents that we reported Adama j Adama to silent on it but God use you for voiceless.

  18. I invested 312,000 naira in order to get an ROI of (227,875) after 6 months, the ROI plus my investment was showing on the platform wallet, which make me believe everything is real. Then I added another 1,000,000 naira to the previous money in the platform wallet making 1,560,625 naira to reinvest again which my ROI will be (7,04,375) after 6 months of my total invested capital and profit appears on the platform wallet (2,265,000) which I could not transfer to my account.

    Since January 2022, I have been trying to transfer the money to my personal account but I couldn’t, the only thing we saw on the platform was his letter issued to EFCC and others.

    Please if there is anything you can do to help me/us get our money back because I invested this money in order to use the money to pay medical operation bills, I will be very grateful because this is my hard earn money.

    Imagine people living in abroad trying to invest back home and all this is happening.

  19. Not heard anything from Viablex.March has ended and not a dime paid investors neither was there any communication from Adama.

  20. Adama J Adama should pay me my capital at least. I am not asking for ROI but my 1.3M. That is my life savings as i am a fresh graduate. I saved that money from my little school business.😭 I was hoping to use that money in setting up my business in January as they are no jobs.

  21. 😭😭 I trusted ADAMA J ADAMA that I emptied all my saves and invested 2million Naira in VIABLEX SMARTVEST @ 35% every 4month to be by 2031💔 (my worst mistake 😭)

    Up till date none of my ROI has been paid,.

    To ADAMA pls 🙏🙏 just forget my ROI and refund my capital. Of a truth I can’t survive it.

    Refund my capital!
    Refund our capital!!

  22. I and my sibling invested #6.5m, our investment was due November 18th 2021 and December 1st 2021, till date no money no word.
    I called Mr Martins that works with farm4me and he said he’s no longer working with them. Adama sacked all his workers,planning to get away with our money but his plans will not work

  23. Adama just organized Nigerian citizens, scammed them and painfully, walk away with zero consequences, that’s the Nigerian story sadly.
    Please pay my money, you can’t eat someone else’s sweat and feel alright.
    Government should be able to guard her citizens from scammers like this ADAMA J ADAMA

  24. It’s so frustrating that these guys can just gather Nigerian citizens and scam them with zero consequences, nobody is checkmating these fraudster parading themselves as entrepreneur, painfully, these wicked souls will walk away freely, that’s the Nigeria story.

  25. Adama Joseph. You may want to listen to this and you may refuse to.

    I am very very close to you and closer than you can even imagine. I invested several millions of borrowed money in your company. The money I invested in your business is a borrowed money and I am still looking at it if truly you want to scam me. I have already reported you to Apostle Arome Osayi who you told me you respect pretty much.

    You can come here and lie to the general public but you know and I know that you are not paying anyone.

    If you love yourself and your life and that of your young family. Pay me my money and that of other investors. People can not be dying in depression and you are there enjoying life and having fun. I was at the wedding of one of your staffs in December and you were there forming big man and philanthropist. Look I am from the same community you come from and I used to play football near your father‘s house. For the sake of your old man and your late brother. Pay me my money and pay other investors. I don’t wish you bad and I pray that all is well with you but please pay people before they die. We all trusted you and that’s why we put our money in your hands. By the way I advice you stop using people‘s money for your so called philanthropic work in the community. This is unfair. You are a young man and you should not destroy your life this way. We love you and hope all is well with you and yours.

    My advice is that you should come out. Even if you can nor return all your investors funds all at ones, put them on a payment plan. Go and ask the thrive Agric boys how they did it and take a cue from them.

    By the way I invested with a different name so don’t even bother to find out who I am. We will see next time you come to Makurdi or to the Village.

    My greetings to your family especially Blessing your wife.

    Best regards


  26. My investment is well over 20 million naira and 10 million for my husband. I can’t believe that he betrayed the trust of hundreds of investors. He should man up and start paying up.

    I believe that many more are not speaking up yet.

  27. I trusted Adam J Adam and invested in both ceepass and viable x with all my savings 3,200 000.00 not knowing that am dealing with scammers. My investment was due since August there was no effort to pay or communicate with the investors instead they remain incommunicado.pls pay us our money.you have cause untold hardship,depression, denial and death to the investors.

  28. Good afternoon, I am Adesina Adeola One of the investors, I joined them since last year September, with sum of #3m I did some investment with them since that time, no Returns on my investment one is due since January 20th while another is monthly package, they are just accumulating my ROI together, I haven’t received a penny from them. I messaged them severally telling them my health status, that, I am just recovering from heart attack, that I needed my money to buy drugs, they didn’t answered me at all. Pls ICIR help me get all my money from pls, thanks.

  29. Adama was just a lion in sheep clothing. Deceiving youths for a promising and better tomorrow. His company was just a scam. A lot of people now are depressed, putting their hard earned money into his investment.

    Adama pay us our money.We are not interested anymore with the ROI, you owe us at least our capital.

    Anyone reading this. Please don’t invest in any agricultural business. It’s just a scam.

  30. I can imagine, it’s a scam. And it’s quite unfortunate for Adama who has political ambition and of course the people he is intending to represent at the federal level. I am one of the investors in ViableX. I borrowed the money from a cooperative, I invested it in July 19 last year with so called Enadama company with the promised of ROI in November same year, uptil now I have not been paid

  31. I invested with farm4me and I have been due since the 27th of November 2021,but up till now I am yet to receive any payment till date.I have over 13m with them, this is really frustrating and sad.Adama j Adama please pay up your investors.

  32. Mr. Adama it’s quite unfortunate. I invested my money in ViableX in July 19, 2021 and it was due in Nov 19 2021 that same year. Mr. Adama you refused to refund or pay all my money including my ROI. Mr. Adama, I am highly disappointed in you and your so called company.

  33. I have always trusted Adama but he has broken my heart.
    I put all my life savings in Viable x and ceepass. I have 5.6m in far. I have been reinvesting with them hoping to collect the money and start a project.
    I am pained. I don’t sleep well at night.
    Adama please start payment.
    U can start paying percentages till you clear it but just start.

  34. Adama is owning me 324,000naira. My investment matured December 31, 2021. He has remained incommunicado since them, a trade mark of someone with intention to defraud.

  35. Adama J. Adama has refused to pay his investors. He has caused me and my family so much pain by his actions. He needs to be brought to book!

  36. It is quite appalling that Adama J Adama does not deem it fit to communicate with the people who invested in his company. At least let the people know what the matter is and not keep us in the dark.
    I have millions invested and I brought my husband in who also invested millions of naira.

    We need Adama to pay us! He and his cohorts keep posting us for months unending. #PAY YOUR INVESTORS ADAMA JOSEPH ADAMA.

  37. Adama and his company Viablex have not pay me since 10th of October 2021 that my investment matured with them. He has remained incommunicado.

  38. Mr Adama this is an attempt to swindle investors of their hard earned money. I invested the sum of 1,265,000 in farm4me and was to be paid 1,812,000 was due December 2021. And hill date no payment and same old story. I and other numerous investors are facing the same predicament, not a single person has been paid and offices are locked.
    We will make sure you don’t get away with this

  39. Adama and his company Viablex have not pay me since 10th of October that my investment matured with them. I have over N15m with them

  40. He owes me 8million naira and this has been outstanding since oct 4th 2021. He claims he is paying, can he prove that???
    The office he is calling is currently closed. LOCKED WITH PADLOCK!
    He had better stop these lies and madness. Trying to buy time for investors to forget about their money and move on.

    This is the height of irresponsibility and he should be ashamed of himself. Those prominent figures he associates with and regulatory authorities should ensure he is accountable for this mess. A good name is better than riches.

    If we cannot trust the Agricultural sector advertised by our government as the way forward then I don’t know what else to do. It’s very sad.

  41. So true and annoying. Adama keep promising and even saying he has started paying some investors which is not true….

  42. I have not been paid since November, after been unable to reach the company on numerous attempt, my mails not be replied, and office closed, the CEO sent a mail in January that we will be paid by march through April, this is march and I hope it comes to reality,
    My investments on ViableX.com with ROI is #5,325,000, please CEO adama kindly keep your promise this time and pay me please, I will come back here and go to all your platform to acknowledge your honestly to everyone if I got paid, Thank You God bless and make things easier on your path. Thank you

  43. Withholding investors funds without communicating with them is highly frustrating. Adama J Adama pay your investors.

  44. Adama please put up everyone investors right now has gone into depression you collected our money and since October till now I haven’t gotten my money from your organization is that how you run things all your offices you claim are locked, investors can’t communicate with your agent they won’t pick up, you been silent till now to all your investors nobody knows what going on abeg for this sake of your mother and your family pay our money abeg

  45. Its been over 3 months now since my ROI dropped into my e-wallet on the investment platform Ceepass and ever since have been trying to withdraw the money to my local bank, it keeps pending anytime I try to withdraw it and have tried to get across in contact with the so called costumer assistant Person of with none of them picked send over ten mails to their e-mail no responds and the office in Lagos is scantly no star was on duty when I paid them a visit to complain, I only meet a man call Mr Sunday who promised me that I will get paid and till now I have not been paid…..
    He said he is assuring Nigerians that they will not lose their money but for the past money he has not been communicating with his investors, be it on the instargram/twitter/facebook or telegram, he has practically blacked his investors from commenting in the telegram group of more than 2.5k subscribers and deleted all comments of People/investors not being paid, he is claiming that he has paid a number of investors, if this is true he should publish this for everyone to see and cus the most painful part of it is that innocent nigerians who probably don’t know about this on going situation will also fall victim to this scammer (Adam. J. Adam)…..
    I can go on and on about this issue but I demand that he pays his investors their hard earned money….

  46. Adama J Adama pay your investors. This report about you is so true. You promised to pay within the first quarter so far so good nobody has ever come out to say they have been paid. All efforts to reach you have been abortive.

    Prospective investors beware of this group.
    I need my money Adama J Adama. Pay your investors

  47. Adama j Adama is a professional scammer or fraudster who got award from top royal father , seeking into political ambition coming years , pay us our money and stop hiding .

  48. Adama J Adama, I am so disappointed considering the fact that you owe your investors and you are defending your actions. My lawyer sent a letter and there was no one to receive the letter in both offices because they were shut and then an e copy was sent on the 17th of January 2022 and no one acknowledged receipt of the letter for over a month.
    I have your whatsapp number and I sent you messages on the 18th of November 2021, 19th of November 2021 and 13th of December 2021 respectively. Did you revert? The answer is NO. I can also screen grab all the messages I sent to you via whatsapp and make it public.
    This clearly implies that you are not an honest individual. More investors will come out to back this story that you claim is malicious don’t worry. March 22nd is just around the corner.

  49. This is a malicious story.

    1. We acknowledge the pending payouts and we are paying the investors.

    2. The office you posted here is our old office. Our present office is open at B102 and B103 Millennium Builders Plaza.

    3. No investors will lose their money with us. We have paid a significant number of investors and will continue to pay them.

    4. We didn’t use Investors money to acquire Jamis Microfinance Bank. That is a costly assumption. Request for the transaction details before you take a position.

    5. Most of our investors have our personal numbers and WhatsApp numbers and have been bombarding us with messages and calls. So we are not incommunicado.

    6. No wonder can claim that he or she has not been paid for one year. That is a big lie.

    7. This is a sensational and malicious headline and a poorly done investigative journalism. How much are you paid for this?

    We will never run and we will pay our investors all the money owed them.

    The reasons for the delay in payments with documentary evidences are:
    1. Cyber hack of our digital wallet system twice. The two petitions are with the EFCC.

    2. Delay in payment of our Export Inflow. Our letter of credit is yet to be liquidated.

    3. Negative reviews on Nairaland and Instagram leading to panic withdrawals.

    One thing we assure Nigerians who invested with us is that they won’t lose their money. We are committed to paying them.

    Thank you.

  50. This is so true. Adama and his cohorts haven’t paid me either. I have over 3M with them; so frustrating with their lies and no communication from them via calls, emails or their social handles. Kindly do help in recovering our funds…..


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THE Tinubu Campaign Organisation (TCO) has asked Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP)...

West Africa plans enhancement fund for regional electricity market

THE West African Power Pool (WAPP) is planning to create a Liquidity Enhancement Revolving...

NED offers grants for media projects

THE National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is seeking proposals for projects that advance democratic goals and...

Alabama boy makes U-turn, admits he “unintentionally” killed his Nigerian mom

A 12-year-old Alabama boy has admitted “unintentionally” killing his mother over the weekend in...

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