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Chanting Crowd Forces Adjournment of Morsi’s Trial In Egypt


The trial of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsi which commenced on Monday was forced into an adjournment after chants by his Muslim Brotherhood supporters disrupted proceedings.

The trial that was held at Police Academy in eastern New Cairo neighborhood, was suspended twice due to chants by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters who said the trial was illegal.

Morsi, along with the other 14 top Muslim Brotherhood officials, are accused of inciting the violence and murder of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012.


Morsi had arrived in the courthouse in the morning in his private clothes as he refused to wear the uniform of the preventive detention.

It was Morsi’s first public appearance since he was toppled by the military on July 3 in response to nationwide protests against his one-year rule.

He has been held at an undisclosed location after his arrest.

Following the disruptive chanting outside the court house the judge adjourned the trial till December 8.

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