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Court orders arrest of Innoson Motors CEO, Chukwuma


Justice Mojisola Dada of the Lagos Ikeja Special Offences Court has issued an arrest warrant for Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Motors.

Dada issued the warrant on Friday, ordering the police to arrest Chukwuma and bring him to court on the next hearing date: March 14.

“A bench warrant is hereby served on Innocent Chukwuma, he will remain in custody till the next adjourned date. The case is adjourned till March 14 for possible arraignment,” Dada ruled.

Meanwhile, Justice Dada threatened to send J.N Mbadugha, Chukwuma’s counsel, to prison for alleged disrespect and unnecessary outburst during his opening remarks, after he accused her of disregard to the rule of law.

“This proceeding is a clear abuse of court processes, the EFCC is a reckless arbiter. My Lord has refused to be bound by the rule of law and doesn’t want to be bound by the doctrine of Stare Decisis; my Lord wants to override the decision of the Supreme Court,” NAN quoted Mbadugha as saying.

But Dada was having none of it, warning the defence counsel to mind his language or be sent to jail.

“Your whole comportment, conduct, countenance smacks of disrespect to the court and rule of law, I will report you to the Nigerian Bar Association,” she threatened.

” You are insulting the court; this is clear contempt in the face of the court; you will go to prison from here. If you think the court is defenceless and powerless, you’d be surprised.”

Mbadugha later apologised to the trial judge and the hearing proceeded.

In November 2017, the Inspector-General of Police filed an application seeking an arrest warrant against Chukwuma for failing to appear before the court over charges of fraud.

Chukwuma, his company Innoson Motors, and four others, are charged with four counts of falsifying shipping documents with which they obtained a N2.4 billion loan from Guaranty Trust Bank, an allegation he denies.

On December 19, 2017, the EFCC raided his Enugu residence to arrest him. They were challenged by some workers of Innoson Motors, but a reinforcement of policemen came and dispersed the mob with teargas before taking their target to Abuja.

He was released days later.

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