Doctors In North East Shun NMA Strike Action

Musdapha Ilo, Maiduguri

Doctors in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States have shunned the ongoing nationwide strike action commenced over two weeks ago by the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, as they have continued to render medical services to victims of insurgency attacks.

The three Northeast states have witnessed the worst attacks from the Boko Haram terrorists since 2009 and have been under a state of emergency year more than a year.
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The NMA chairman in Borno State, Abdullahi Mshellia, said that the local chapter decided to boycott the nationwide strike due to the peculiarities the state is confronted with, coupled with the attendant security challenges where emergency cases are brought nearly on a daily basis for medical attention.

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In Borno State, only doctors at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital and the Federal Neuro- Physiatrics Hospital are said to have joined in the strike.

Even here, doctors are attending to emergency cases as some are on call duty while nurses and midwives are also available.



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