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El-Zakzaky, wife return from India medical trip three days after departure

SHEIKH Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and his wife, Zeenat are expected to return to Nigeria tonight from a medical trip they took to India.

Spokesperson of the Islamic sect, Ibrahim Musa disclosed this on Thursday stressing that El-Zakzaky was leaving the Madena Hospital back to the country.

“Following lack of a breakthrough in the impasse that ensued in the treatment of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in New Delhi, it is now confirmed that the Sheikh is on his way back to Abuja, Nigeria. He is scheduled to leave 17hrs Nigerian time,” says Musa.

“In a video message sent by the Sheikh himself, he said that they were given two alternatives; either to commence the treatment on their own terms i.e the government terms or they will be sent back. And that it has been announced to them that they will be sent back and he is praying to Allah that may it be the best option for him and for everybody.

“It is clear to us that the Nigerian government’s interference and the scuttling of the whole process rather than supervision as ordered by the court is the direct course of the impasse.”

The leader of the Islamic group had earlier decried poor treatment meted out to them while at the Indian hospital.

In a report, a top member of the sect, Yahaya Soje also identified threats from the security operatives.

“The security officials refused to allow the doctors he requested to treat him and his wife. As I am speaking with you now they are preparing to return to Nigeria this night.”

The couple left the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja to arrive in India last Tuesday with their relatives, security operatives and government officials.

On Monday, 186 doctors from seven countries petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari, expressing their concerns over the poor health condition of the Islamic cleric and why he should get urgent medical treatment. They claimed the clergy is suffering from severe medical problems including lead deposit in his system.

Few of the other ailments include glaucoma, symptoms of Ischemic heart disease, which could lead to Myocardial infarction, severe cervical spondylosis which has resulted in nerve root compression and causing insomnia.

The Kaduna State Magistrate Court on 5th August granted El-Zakzaky temporary approval to seek medical treatment in India after several attempts by his counsel, Femi Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and his followers demanding his release.


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