For 45 minutes, ‘something was technically wrong’ with Twitter


Social networking platform Twitter experienced intermittent spells of downtime on Tuesday, with users unable to log in for some 45 minutes.

Attempts to access the networking service only led to a page with a waiting notification: “Something is technically wrong.”

The error message further thanked the internet user for “noticing”, with a promise to “fix it up and have things back to normal soon”.

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This incident occurred roughly between the hours of 2:50pm and 03:35pm West African Time (WAT).

The website went offline at around 2.50pm, came back online at 2.58pm, then went back offline at 3.01pm. It again came back up at around 3.35pm and has been stable since then.

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When the problem was resolved, Twitter itself tweeted about it, saying: “Some users may have experienced problems sending and viewing Tweets earlier today. This issue is now resolved.”




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