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Heavy Downpour Wreak Havok In Ebonyi


The 40-year-old Eguhuo Bridge in Agba, Ishiellu local government area of Ebonyi State, caved in on Wednesday after a heavy downpour.

The rainfall crippled economic activities in Ogboji, Eguhuo, Eguotu, Eguogiji and Onunweke as vehicular access to these communities was hindered.

The bridge links the area to Amagunze in Enugu state.

Julius Nworkpor, member who represents the area in the State House of Assembly said that the situation had made it impossible for the people of the area to gain access to their communities with vehicles.


“Before this unfortunate situation, a journey to Enugu State from the area took about 30 minutes but now its lasts for some hours. Indigenes of the area who wish to access their communities fromAbakaliki now have to get to Enugu through the Enugu-Abakaliki expressway and then take Abanito reach the place,” he said.

Nwokpor noted that this was the second time the bridge was caving-in in three years.

Conducting journalists and a team of engineers round the bridge, the state’s commissioner for works and transport, Chukwuma Nwandugo, said the bridge caved-in due to heavy traffic.

“The pressure weakened the bridge and forced the abutment to cut off from the metal reinforcement. The unity bridge beside it could have been completed before now, but it was discovered it was poorly designed and could pose serious threat to users,” he said.

The commissioner urged the people to be patient, adding that the government would expedite action to work on the bridge to ensure that economic and social activities returned to the area.

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