Ikeja distribution company, highest consumer of electricity in 2019

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THE Ikeja distribution company (DisCo) is the highest consumer of energy in 2019 out of the 11 DisCos in the country, a report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has revealed.

The NBS in its “Energy Generated and Sent Out and Consumed and Load Allocation” report on Tuesday revealed that the Ikeja Disco consumed 4,087,971 (14.95 percent) megawatt-hour (MWh) out of the 28,026,503 MWh consumed by the 11 DisCos.

This indicates that the energy need of  Lagos State is higher than that of other states.

With over 20 million population, Lagos is the most densely populated city on Nigeria.

Yola DisCo consumed the lowest energy with 1,122,534 MWh accounting for 4 percent of total energy consumed in 2019.

The top five energy-consuming  DisCos  include Ikeja DisCo- 4.08 million MWH, Abuja DisCo- 3.7 million MWh, Ibadan DisCo- 3.52 million MWh, Eko DisCo- 3.51 million MWh, and Port Harcourt DisCo-3.1 million MWh.

The least six DisCos are Yola DiSco- 1.1 million MWh, Jos DisCo- 1.2 million MWh, Enugu DisCo- 1.6 million MWh, Kano DisCo- 1.8 million MWh, Kaduna DisCo- 1.9 million MWh, and Benin DisCo- 2.3 million MWh.

The report revealed that a total of 33,448,633 MWh of energy was generated by power stations in 2019. Privatised generating companies (GenCos) generated 19,692,683 MWh, Independent Power Producer (IPP) GenCos generated 7,798,253 MWh while the National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) GenCos generated 5,957,697 MWh.


The total Energy sent out by GenCos stood in 2019 at 32,799,114MWh. Privatized GenCos sent out 19,233,151 MWh, IPP GenCos sent out 7,648,700 MWh while the NIPP GenCos sent out 5,917,262 MWh.

Cross Border Electricity Transactions showed that Benin and the  Niger Republic were supplied a total of 1,278,344 MWh and 1,048,807 MWh of electricity respectively, according to the report.


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