In the past 48 hours, Coronavirus has hit 11 new countries

IN the last 48 hours, Coronavirus officially known as Covid19 has hit 11 new countries. 

The countries with recorded first cases include; Brazil,  Pakistan, North Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Algeria, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Denmark and Estonia

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Situation Report, Algeria, Austria, Croatia, and Switzerland have confirmed first cases of Covid19 and for the first time, there are more cases emanating from outside China than inside China, where the virus first originated in December 2019.

At the moment, 37 countries outside China have confirmed, multiple cases of the virus with 44 recorded deaths.

Given the statistics, WHO has ranked the global risk level of the virus high. It has also placed some 11 countries, Nigeria included, as high-risk countries due to relations and travels with China.

Meanwhile, In Lagos, a suspected case was identified recently.

But Akin Abayomi, Commissioner for Health of the State said that the suspected Chinese case tested negative to the virus.

It was gathered that the patient arrived Nigeria seven week ago from China and complained of having fever. After tests were carried out, the commissioner confirmed that the patient tested negative.

Globally, there are now over 81,000 cases of Covid19 in almost 40 countries in the world.


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