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‘It’s just a scam’ — Nigerians tweet in support of Buhari’s Peace Corps rejection


The decision of President Muhammadu Buhari not to assent to the controversial Peace Corps Bill has been  greeted with applause by many Nigerians, with one even describing the bill as a “scam”.

On Tuesday, Buhari wrote to the House of representatives informing the lawmakers that he could not assent to the bill due to security and financial reasons.

“Specifically, reasons for the decision to decline assent to this bill include among others: a. Security concerns regarding the proposed Nigerian Peace Corps being authorized to undertake activities currently being performed by extant security and law enforcement agencies; and b. Financial implications of funding the establishment and operations of the proposed Nigerian Peace Corps, given the scarce financial resources may pose serious challenges to the government,” Buhari’s letter read in part.

Many Nigerians deemed the President’s decline a welcome development, as doing otherwise would amount to unnecessary duplication of functions.

And on a lighter note, one Twitter user posted this tweet:


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