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Jerry Gana declares for president, says Nigeria is facing existential threat

JERRY Gana, former Minister of Information, has declared his intention to run for  president in 2019.

Gana, a former chieftain of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), but now a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), made the declaration on Thursday.

He said Nigeria is facing an existential threat, never witnessed in the country, adding that the present administration has left the people in untold hardship.

“Being a patriotic and committed democrat, who has carried a burden for the rapid development of our nation for decades, I am deeply concerned at the very real prospect of Nigeria imploding unless our great party comes to the rescue with a God fearing, dynamic, untainted and credible leadership,” Gana said.

“Nigeria is facing an existential threat, the seriousness and proportion of which have never been witnessed since the end of the war.

“There is crippling uncertainty everywhere. People are suffering unprecedented and untold hardships as a result of arrested development.

“Insecurity has rendered human life brutish, short and nasty is rampart across the zones, states, communities and villages.

“Asymmetrical war on corruption is fueling further ethnic decadence, while anxiety, unpatriotism and poverty have coalesced into a creepy epidemic of self-doubt.

“In all of this, the current leadership of the nation, at the highest level of government seems unconcerned, incompetent or incapable of turning around the drift.”

Gana said that his political career which began almost 40 years ago, has been characterised by “a track record of performances”.

“Having consulted and affirmed by my family, local community, friends and a cross-section of eminent citizens and stakeholders across the core national divides of ethnicity, religion and regions, I am convinced that this is the fit time for me to offer myself for this national assignment on the platform of our great party.

“By my track record, my desire to contest the election into the highest political office is not motivated by a quest for self-glorification nor aggrandizement, rather it is borne out of my patriotic zeal and conviction that with my pedigree, experience, skills and academic endowment, I can provide the requisite leadership to transform the fortunes of our people and change the trajectory of our country towards the attainment of our fullest potentials.”

Gana, from Niger State, served as senator representing Bida Senatorial district on the platform of the Nigerian People’s Party, (NPP), in 1983. He later moved to the SDP. Gana was one of the founding members of the PDP, becoming the party’s first National Secretary, and later, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

He served as Minister of Co-operation and Integration in Africa, and later, Minister of Information, both during the presidency of Olusegun Obasanjo.


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  1. Odumodu Jog says

    Indigenous Blacks in Nigeria Under Renewed Existential Threat

    It is commonly said that nothing is new in nature and human experience, and this is often true once we are prepared to stretch our scope of time to search for such occurrences. When we relate this fact to the current experiences of the various Nigerian indigenous black races and their communities, one begins to wonder if our present experience is anything new and unique. Just recently we had massive government sponsored Python Dance in some Eastern States of the country, that drew international and national attention and condemnation. The organizers of the scheme rather abruptly but reluctantly cut short the programme, hence possibly not achieving their desired objectives perhaps. Considering the stoppage one would have thought that peace and security could have ensured in our communities, unfortunately that is not the case. Since the objectives of the python dancing scheme were not achieved, as expected there should now be a change in tact and strategy this reasoning look logical. While trying to understand, what is happening to the Eastern part of the country, one must also be able to consider if this problem is limited to this region of the country. The great surprise that may call for national alarm is that the problem is neither limited to the Eastern and Western Nigeria, nor does it excludes the Middle Belt of Nigeria. Hence, we are seeing the entire indigenous black races in Nigeria being engulfed in well programmed killings in peace time, with the least possibility of being able to defend themselves and be protected by the government. A calm observer that is interested in finding out the cause of these killings, will also discover that it is not limited to the present time as it is indeed historical problem. Once the historical nature of the killings is brought into focus, it’s a clear proof that the present then confronted with the ills of the past. This will make our calm observer begin to wonder if truly the indigenous Blacks in Nigeria are now under renewed existential threat as was the case in the past slave trade era. Current call from high profile Fulanis members to the larger Arab of the communities in the continent for assistance to subdue their black races in Nigeria is not just unimaginable but calls soul searching of our national conscious.
    Unfortunately, and observably, currently the Fulani group have encircled the various indigenous black communities in Nigeria, starting from the Middle Belt, down to South Eastern and Western states. These black communities are encircled with such powerful deadly assault rifles like AK47, bazooka etc, and are being killed by the Fulani group for no other reasons than these blacks are less human, not like them and are infidels as they remain defenceless. Since this calibre of armaments are not commonly held, and no members of black communities will hold such arm without immediate apprehension by government authorities. We are therefore paused to consider who armed these groups, ensuring their reinforcement, their bullet supplies, and justified their encamping and killing onslaught. This emerging situation is not limited to the Igboland, but an all-black race onslaught. However, as we have earlier observed this is a black race centuries long issues and a grand black race degradation process. The black race wherever they are found in Nigeria are seemly not serious and conscious of this existential threat they face, and/or where they do are not taking adequate action to stop the process. Their leadership, aristocratic class, politicians, industry champions, intelligential etc, have failed their various populace. This is regrettable, we do not have to be experts in African history, data analysis, population study or statistician to recognize and understand the emerging trends. A quick review of human settlement in Northern Africa exposes this most obvious fact. Geologically as well as historically Africa is a homeland of the black races, with northern Africa and your Sokoto State inclusive. Today can we say so of those places, surely NO way!!!! So, what happened? How can current equilibrium be maintained without the Fulanis willingly killing off the black race to offset the balance to what is obtainable in northern part of the continent, thereby zero-rising the black race population at this Atlantic Coast line.
    While acknowledging the missed opportunities and the injustice of the past era, each black race must join hands with other black races in Nigeria to ensure their group survival. The Arabic (included the Fulani) group represents an unimaginable threat to Black race continuity and existence in Nigeria. I therefore liken them to Mathematical Nuclear Operator that annihilate and assimilate the Black Race. I have always argued that religion can be a poisoning virus like Ebola that kills its host or race. Should anyone think otherwise, then he/she should explain why this group with population which is less than 5% of our national population had remained a recurring dominant factor in our national life. Their intrinsic nature and culture is to kill and wipe-off any of their host like virus. Other parts of Africa this group have effectively done it. So why should Nigeria be different. Perhaps we are now at the beginning of endgame, which usually take centuries. We must do all it takes counter our group extinction, or else we shall count on our certain annihilation as other black groups in the continent.
    The fallacy or otherwise the truth of the claim that Africa is homeland of the black is either accepted intuitively as true based on observation or through scientific analysis. The author Specer Well through scientific analysis in his ‘The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey’, wrote ‘Around 60,000 years ago, a man–identical to us in all important respects–lived in Africa. Every person alive today is descended from him’. Interestingly and scientifically undoubtedly that man is black and the resulting changes and biological mutations that took place gave rise to our various forms and differences. It is therefore ironical that at present time in Nigeria there is coordinated action to wipe out the black group. I will now argue that the real beauty of Nigerian peoples lies in our differences, hence the blacks should be given a space to exist unmolested among other ethnic in Nigeria.
    The core message of this publication is therefore that the black race must close ranks across and beyond their tribes and with the Federal government stop the Fulani expansion. Interestingly, even jointly it is difficult, not to mention singly, since they are already established over the centuries, and eaten to the fabrics of our ethical system. Ironically they came as ethical reformers, bringers of peace and religion, but what is now evidently in place from Northern Africa, through Sub-Sahara Africa and down to Northern Nigeria is land grabbing occupiers with the indigenous tribes blacks going extinct. I will always argue that humanity remains better off with the black race in their human mix and population, than the continued historical injustice perpetuated on black race which is more amplified in Nigeria. While to us current inhabitants of Nigeria with the Fulani inclusive, Nigeria and her natural resources are well enough in abundance for every one of us and future generation ad infinitum, this is nature of creation we find ourselves. Hence, in the words of your man OBJ, so I will say ‘No fears or shaking’, but you should enjoy your God’s gift Nigeria. The Almighty God has graciously prepared Nigeria for you creatures, animals inclusive, as a home and our country if only we become accommodating to each other. A live and let live Igbo philosophy should dominate our approach, without the current black annihilation programme, or the slightest desire to dominate and lord the black in ethics, religion, economic resources sharing, politics and governance.

    By Odumodu Jog
    Humanist & Analyst Consultant
    London UK