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Lawan pledges support for Buhari, says, ‘no compromise with National Assembly’

SENATE President, Ahmad Lawan, on Tuesday, said he would not compromise the integrity of the National Assembly, even as he expressed willingness to collaborate with President Muhammadu Buhari.

The chief lawmaker stated this at the plenary while reading his welcome address.

He promised to work closely with the president, for the interest of the country but not at the expense of the National Assembly, an independent arm of government with oversight powers.

He noted that such oversight powers as lawmakers’, constitute a powerful tool to enhance transparency and accountability.

He said the exercise of these powers, will not only review, monitor and supervise projects being implemented by the executive, but will evaluate its cost and how it aligns with national aspirations.

He noted that the progress of the projects would be monitored from conception to final stage when they are delivered to the people, “but we will do so with every sense of responsibility,” he said.

“The system of checks and balances which we practise in Nigeria today was enshrined to safeguard the values of justice and the rule of law and deliver public good.

Therefore, in a season when the majority of Nigerians are more concerned with outcomes that reflect their concerns, the best way to serve that interest is through cooperation and collaboration,” Lawan said.

He advised that in exercising their mandate, lawmakers should be cautious on how their actions will positively impact the greater majority of the citizenry.

“Each of us, as lawmakers, must also resolve that the exchange of views, especially within this hallowed chambers, will be constructive and that we will respect one another.

“On my part, I pledge to lead in a bipartisan [Senate] and in a unifying manner,” Lawan said.

The Senate president had earlier in May, pledged his loyalty to the Buhari administration if elected as Senate president.

He noted that the relationship between the legislature and the executive in the 8th Assembly was not a blooming one, disagreeing on every issue, but he would maintain a good relationship between the legislature and the executive, as president of the ninth Senate.

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