Mbaka threatens Obi, Atiku with failure for refusing to donate in his church

Priest calls Obi 'stingy'

EJIKE Mbaka, a controversial Catholic Priest in the Diocese of Enugu, has warned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Aspirant, and his running mate, Peter Obi, that shame could be their lot if they continued to be “stingy”.

Mbaka said this during his parish’s 2018 harvest and bazaar event which was attended by several dignitaries including top politicians and government functionaries.

A video clip of the event was shared on a youtube named Onye njenje (meaning the traveller).

In the video, Mbaka was unhappy that Obi did not want to make a donation in public, but had said he would confer with the priest in private and that the congregation would eventually get to know what he did.

After Obi had spoken, Mbaka insisted that he should “do something for God”, asking him whether “Atiku gave you any message for our bazaar?”

“Is there something with which you will cut the tape or break kola nut or kill cow?” Mbaka asked.

The priest said that the former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor-Kalu, was supposed to be the chairman of the occasion, but that he sent in a message because he just returned to the country from medical treatment abroad.

According to Mbaka, Uzor-Kalu had wanted to come in person and celebrate mass with the congregation before announcing the project he would sponsor for them.

Recall that Uzor-Kalu is currently standing trial before a Federal High Court in Lagos for defrauding Abia State of about N7.7 billion when he was the state Governor between 1999 and 2007. His bail was revoked recently after he travelled to Germany for medical treatment without the court’s permission.

Turning to Peter Obi, Mbaka said, “We ask God to bless our brother Peter Obi, but when Atiku comes in person we will see whether to bless him or not. But tell him that the way he is going so far, it doesn’t appear he would achieve much.”


“The way he is going about it now, he has already failed,” Mbaka said.

Again, after Obi politely refused to make any pronouncement, Mbaka asked Obi to “stand before God’s people and tell God what he would do for him”.

“Or it means you don’t want to do anything for God. You’re just being unnecessarily cunning,” Mbaka said.

Even to this, Obi insisted that he would confer with the Priest in private. “Everybody knows that I don’t make political statements. I am a fundamental Catholic and whatever I promise to do in the church, I do,” Obi said.

But Mbaka would not bulge, he insisted: “It’s better for you to listen to me and stop this thing you are saying here. God hates stinginess. I’m not trying to please you, rather I’m saying what could save your life. Otherwise, you and Atiku will fail.”

“If you have a good adviser, you can save your political destiny,” Mbaka continued. “Or by 2019, you people won’t even know when or how the election will hold and concluded.

“Listen to me, you are about to enter somewhere special. Vice President of the whole country is not (boys) scout, it’s not a mass server.

“The Ebonyi person came here, he didn’t announce his donation, but the way he said it, everybody clapped for him. Ugwuanyi (Enugu State Governor) did not announce anything, but the way he did it, there was a clap.”

However, despite Mbaka’s insistence, Obi did not make any donation before the microphone was given to Hope Uzodimma, the All Progressives Congress’ candidate for the governorship position in Imo State.

Uzodimma said he, together with Osita Okechukwu, the Managing Director of Voice of Nigeria, was sent by President Buhari to grace the event.


During the 2015 election, Mbaka became popular after he made a U-turn and endorsed Buhari to win the presidential election after having sided with Jonathan initially.

However, he has also criticised the Buhari administration saying it had inflicted pain and hardship on the people.


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