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Sensitive election materials arrive Kwara…REC

IN PREPARATION for the Saturday gubernatorial and National Assembly elections, Garba Attahiru-Madami, Regional Election Commissioner in Kwara State has confirmed receipt of sensitive election materials including ballot papers, result sheet and form EC 8.

The materials which are safeguarded in the Central Bank of Nigeria will also be sorted in the same premises under the watch of security agencies, party agents, observer groups and members of the media, Attahiru-Madami has said.

Security measures are put in place by the REC to ensure safe arrival of voting materials to the various locations as distribution will be made in the company of armed security officers.

In each of the 16 local government areas, the crucial election materials will be preserved in the Divisional Police Headquarters and conveyed to the 193 registration centres on the eve of the election. It will then be sorted again and distributed to the different polling units, Attahiru-Madami explained.

Attahiru-Madami reaffirmed INEC’s commitment to conduct credible and internationally accepted governorship and House of Assembly elections on Saturday.

Meanwhile, he recalled that non-sensitive materials like ballot boxes, ink, stamp pads and other items have been delivered to the 16 local government areas before now.

Kwara recorded 82 per cent of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) collection as the state’s REC revealed days before the general elections.

In the recent presidential elections, Kwara State had this record: Total number of Registered Voters was 1,401 895, Total number of accredited voters was 489,482, Total Votes Cast was 486,254, Total Valid Votes was 459,676 and Rejected Votes was 26,578.

APC won the state with 308,984 votes against PDP which had 138,184.




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