Suspected Ebola Patient Tests Negative In Sweden

A man hospitalised in Sweden after showing symptoms of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease has tested negative to a test conducted over the weekend, local health officials said on Monday.

The unidentified man had recently travelled to a risk area of the disease and had a fever when he was admitted to the hospital. 

“We analysed the tests and can say there is no sign whatsoever that the patient was suffering from Ebola,” a hospital official said.

The patient is said to be undergoing further tests at Karolinska University Hospital to determine the cause of his symptoms. 

More than 1, 500 people in West Africa have died since the new outbreak of the Ebola virus in March out of 3,069 reported cases – 694 in Liberia, 430 in Guinea, 422 in Sierra Leon and six in Nigeria, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organisation, WHO.


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