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WATCH: Policemen deployed to the Unity Fountain, caught on camera playing cards

POLICEMEN that were deployed to the Unity Fountain in Abuja have been caught on camera playing a game of cards when they should be on duty.

For more than two months, the Federal Capital Territory Police command have consistently deployed policemen to the unity fountain, where the Bring Back our Girls (BBOG) group hold its daily sit-outs.

The police have continually harassed, and sometimes tear-gas the peaceful protesters in order to get them to stop their daily protests, but the group has remained resilient.

More recently, there has not been any altercation between the police and the BBOG but policemen are being deployed daily to the Unity Fountain, and they end up staying idle the whole day.

On Wednesday, four of the policemen were videoed playing whot, perhaps out of boredom, having stayed idle for so long.

Watch the video here, as was shared on twitter by Aisha Yesufu, one of the leaders of BBOG:

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