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We will not accept the ban on Almajiri by northern governors- Dahiru Bauchi

DAHIRU Usman Bauchi, a Northern Islamic scholar and leader of Almajiri in Nigeria has stated that the proposed ban on Almajiri by the Northern governors is unacceptable.

“The constitution of the country gives us the freedom to practice our religion the way we want it. Our biggest religion is the Quran.

“Since the Quran has given them (those in power)  laws that they have refused to abide with, what right do they have to give instructions or law to the Quran? Based on that, we will not accept the ban on Almajiri by northern governors,” Bauchi said this in an interview with the The Sun Newspaper.

He noted that a ban on the Almajiri system would be tantamount to an infringement on human’s right, saying such decision would not be accepted.

“Our right to freedom of worship is being violated. We will not accept violation of our right to go to any part of the country to practice our religion,” he said.

Bauhchi  also said that the governors didn’t consult him before planning the ban on the Almajiri, just as he urged them to go to other countries to implement such decision.

“They did not consult me before abolishing the almajiri system.

“Any governor that wants to ban almajiri should go to other country to do that because as for us in Nigeria, the law gives us the right to practice our religion without any fear or hindrance, to move freely to other places within or outside the country to practice our religion,” he reiterated.

He, however, said that the abolition of Almajiri will affect Quranic teaching among northern youths.

“The youths are the ones that read the Quran more. Will the Quran read itself?

“The almajiri is the pupil that reads the Quran and if you stop him from practicing it, you have infringed on his freedom of worship,” he said.

Asked why he is opposed to the ban,  Bauchi responded that “The reason is because there is a government and the government operates by a constitution.”

“The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria gives every citizen the right to movement, the right to practice their religion. These students (Almajirai) are Nigerians,” he added.

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