Civilian JTF Arrest, Hand Over 18 Terrorists To Military

By Musdapha Ilo

Having lost a member last Saturday, the youth vigilante group otherwise known as the Civilian JTF in Borno State, through redoubled efforts has arrested 18 members of the outlawed sect in Konduga local government area.

Konduga community which is about 25 km from Maiduguri, the state capital, was attacked by Boko Haram members of the terrorist group who killed at least 44 persons in different mosque locations about a month ago.

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It was gathered that the arrests were made at five different villages in the local government area after a painstaking manhunt staged for days.

Ibrahim Yakub, a member of the youth vigilante group said the terrorists were pursued to the villages of Konduga and communities bordering the Sambisa Games Reserves Forest and that success only came after three days of tiresome search.

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“The fleeing Boko Haram sect members had been hiding in the Forests, but with the destruction of their training camps and hideouts by Special Operational Forces of Nigerian Army in June, the sect members fled to towns and villages bordering the Forests,” he explained.

Continuing, he added: “With the assistance of soldiers and the police, we are able to arrest 19 suspects along with some rifles and ammunitions in Konduga and other communities bordering the Forests at the weekend.”

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The arrested sect members had their hands tied to the back as they were handed over to soldiers of 7 Division of Nigerian Army.



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