COVID-19: China records rise in asymptomatic cases, moves to tighten land borders

THE National Health Commission of China said on Monday that 78 new asymptomatic cases had been identified as of the end of Sunday, compared with 47 the day before.

According to the Reuters, Hubei Province, the original epicentre, accounted for almost half the new asymptomatic cases.

It reported that 705 people with asymptomatic cases were under medical observation around mainland China.

The surge in asymptomatic cases, which China only began, reporting last week, poses a worry as Hubei’s capital, Wuhan prepares to allow people to leave the city on April 8 for the first time since it was locked down in late January.

Wuhan officials revoked the “epidemic-free” status of 45 residential compounds due to the emergence of asymptomatic cases and other unspecified reasons, according to a report on Monday by the official Xinhua news agency.

“Epidemic-free” status allows people living in Wuhan compounds to leave their homes for two hours at a time.

China has now reported a total of 81,708 cases, with 3,331 deaths. One new locally transmitted infection was reported in the latest data, in the Southern Province of Guangdong, down from five a day earlier in the same province.

China has closed its borders to foreigners as the virus spreads globally, though most imported cases have involved Chinese nationals returning from overseas.

The country began testing all international arrivals for the coronavirus from April 1, customs official, Song Yueqian said.



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