Covid-19: UK Prime Minister health worsens, moved to ICU

BORIS Johnson, UK Prime Minister has been moved to an intensive care unit in a London hospital after his health conditions took turn for worse ten days after he tested positive for Coronavirus.

According to Downing Street,  the Prime Minister was moved on the advice of his medical team and is receiving care at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London.

Downing added that the United kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab will deputise Johnson where neccessary

The 55-year old Prime Minister was admitted to hospital in London with “persistent symptoms” on Sunday evening.

According to BBC, Guto Harri, Boris Johnson’s Communications Director when he was mayor of London, explained why he was taken to the hospital.

“There has tragically been quite clearly a deterioration that is quite significant for him to now have to succumb to intensive care and to have to deputise formally to the foreign secretary,” he said.

Harri said in the four years he worked for  Johnson, “I don’t think he was ill once” and said the PM would be “hugely frustrated” that he cannot now take the lead.

“I think what’s clearly happened over the last few weeks, there have been enormous decisions about lives and livelihoods… and he’d have felt that the important thing was he was out there, he was seen to lead from the front and he probably wouldn’t have slept well and would have been working too hard.”

Borris Johnson was initially taken to hospital for routine tests after testing positive for coronavirus 10 days ago. His symptoms included a high temperature and a cough.



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