E-hailing drivers remove president, others disagree

- members are disgruntled, says embattled president

E-HAILING drivers, under the umbrella of Professional E-hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association of Nigeria (PEDPAN), have sacked their president, Idris Oluwaseun Shonuga, from office over allegations of gross misconduct and fraud.

In a statement received by The ICIR on April 2, 2022, the National Publicity Secretary of PEDPAN, Joseph Olawale, said that Shonuga abused his power by suspending the association’s National Executive Council (NEC) in contravention of its constitution.

The statement also accused the sacked president of concealing and converting business agreements with partners for personal gains and forgery.


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It added that an emergency NEC meeting held on March 31, 2022 abolished the previously adopted 2020 PEDPAN constitution and affirmed the removal of the embattled president. The meeting also supposedly adopted the March 2022 constitution and presented the reviewed document for ratification and approval.

The statement read, “The NEC, in a unanimous decision, affirmed the removal of PEDPAN former president, Comrade Idris Oluwaseun Shonuga, on the grounds of gross misconduct and abuse of office power; unlawful suspension of NEC members in contravention of the PEDPAN constitution; unlawful removal of NEC members across all PEDAN WhatsApp platform; unlawful deletion of PEDPAN Telegram platform with over 3,000 followers; concealment and conversion of business agreements with partners for personal gains; forgery and impersonation of trustees’ signatures for bank account opening.

“Failure to comply and implement the solidarity accord (MOU) he voluntarily signed at the TUC office on 10th February, 2022; conspiracy and immoral relationship between the president and the national secretary, Comrade Ajani Titilayo Islamiat to perpetrate fraud against the association, misrepresentation and personalisation of the association for personal benefits; and conducting self as Lord over every member and the e-hailing drivers community.”

The statement declared that Shonuga had no right to perform any responsibility officially or unofficially on behalf of PEDPAN, with immediate effect from March 31, 2022.

17-point MoU (solidarity accord) between President and members. Credit: Joseph Olaoluwa_ICIR

It also noted that the association unanimously voted for a motion seeking to remove Comrade Ajani Titilaye Islamiat as the national secretary of PEDPAN on the grounds of conspiracy to defraud the association, non-performance of official responsibilities, and collusion with the ex-president to bring the association to disrepute. It added that the assistant national secretary, Comrade Sam Orji, was unanimously approved to resume in acting capacity as national secretary.

Continuation of MoU between President and members. Credit: Joseph Olaoluwa_ICIR

The statement stressed that the latest development was aimed at restructuring and reshaping PEDPAN’s objective in favour of its members, the e-hailing drivers community at large, and its partners.

Olawale alleged, in a telephone interview with The ICIR, that Shonuga attempted to divert the association’s account for his personal gain.

Signed copy of MoU between President and members . Credit: Joseph Olaoluwa_ICIR

He said, “We have a partnership with Lag rides and we helped them to fine-tune and test the app. There was an initial arrangement between PEDPAN and the rides. Unfortunately, Idris Shonuga fashioned a way to sideline all the executive members of the association and engage in a sole conversation with the organiser,  which is the Lag ride.

“Again, he opened an account with Polaris Bank by forging the signatures of two of our trustees. In fact, that one is a criminal offence, and we are taking that up with the police. He forged the signatures of these guys, opened the account in our association’s name and designated it to Lag Ride. There are some particular dues that the association should be getting from the commission of that business.

“He denied the association in getting this fund and went ahead to open the account without the knowledge of the executive members, while forging their signatures. He never disclosed it to the association. All these issues have been on since last year. He refused to implement any of our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). He went ahead to suspend the executive members, which he had no power to do.”

Affirming the removal, the National Vice President of PEDPAN, Comrade Jolaiya Seun Moses, also in a phone call, said Shonuga was removed from office for not being transparent with the association, while refusing to honour a 17-point solidarity accord signed by all members of the association.

Moses said, “It is not a suspension but a removal. He was removed on failure to give an account for the past two years of being in office, as well as for abuse of office. The NEC had tried to caution him since last year, but he chose to pick fights between himself and the entire NEC members.

“At a point, it took the intervention of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) that brought up 17 points of the MoU, which he refused to honour. After the due date, a unanimous decision led to his removal and he ceases to be the president of PEDPAN.”

Embattled President, Idris Shonuga. Credit: TechNext

Moses noted that he, the Vice President, was stepping in in that capacity until the association’s election takes place in three months’ time.

The Secretary of TUC, Lagos State Council, Abiodun Aladetan, said the PEDPAN union had not been fully structured. He called for peace among the NEC members in the interest of the average drivers operating on Uber and Bolt platforms.

Aladetan said, “It is not a union that is properly structured. It is just a few pioneer people that started it and created offices for themselves. If anybody is removing anybody, the question is what constitutional provisions are they relying upon to do that?

“What we have been doing is to let them come together. The removal is not an issue because it is not a registered trade union for now. The aim is to get the union registered, and that is a very complex issue. We are trying to bring all the e-hailing drivers together to be united in the interest of the average driver on the street who continues to go through dehumanizing conditions as a result of the app company.

“Those guys who are suspending, what are they relying on? Even the president cannot suspend people. It is the NEC that has the power to suspend before moving to a delegate conference. A would suspend B by mouth. They all have factions.”

The embattled PEDPAN president, Shonuga, maintained he was still in charge of the association. He did this in a text message he sent to The ICIR after he was consulted on the matter.

“I remain the National President of Professional E-hailing Drivers and Private-Owners Association of Nigeria, PEDPAN. There are a few disgruntled members who were disciplined for their gross misconduct. Everything is okay with PEDPAN,” he responded.

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  1. Idris is just a joker. He under estimate the capacity of members. Union is nobody’s property. People he betrayed will never choose him as a leader. He was appointed as president then and not even by election. One man can’t hold a union to ransom.

  2. THIEF founder claiming to be a CHIEF FOUNDER.. I’ve never seen where someone solely found an a union..

    He doesn’t deserve to be among human.. Though an autocratic leader of his kind doesn’t go down easily according to history.. Its always by FORCE

  3. I know dis guy called Idris from the onset and I never had a bit trust in him coz he has been so dubious and self centred from day one

  4. How did he became the president???
    Was he elected??
    Is the association his personal business?
    Does that means he is too big to be removed?
    So he alone has the power to remove but can’t be removed?
    Is it true that he squandered over 7,000,000.00 naira
    He should try to clear the air about the fund mismanaged??

    I believe PEDPAN is an association not own by a single entity,so let IDRIS SONUGA go back to the association and clear his name or integrity against all the allegations

  5. Idris a failure no good thing springs out of him,he is got bad omen,him and ayoade are the problem we have in this e hailing industry divide and rule tactics

  6. How can Idris disgruntled members be the 90% of his team? Something is definitely wrong somewhere…. Idris Shonuga style of leadership is tyrannical, he is self centered and arrogant. The E-hailing industry would have moved further than where it is but his desire for self has killed the passion to liberate every driver on the street which is the original and main objective of PEDPAN is the welfare of every driver in the E-hailing industry! Idris has derailed and he’s unsung personal ambition using the name of the Association to commit blunders!!

  7. I have never seen a dictator like idris,he is a fraudstar a scammer and forger and embezzleler who never listen to no one not even we the elders in the Union, so arrogant.Thank GOD he has been removed,the association can now move forward.

  8. Idris Shonuga was nominated in acting capacity. Which election made him and others president. They are just pioneer executives of the association bit not voted in. Idris has been too greedy and selfish n a lot of ways and refuses to be corrected.

  9. I don’t think this is a case to be dragged. In my own view, it’s very easy to clarify.

    The Union is structured into Local Govts in Lagos, and we have Abuja, Kwara and Ogun States innagurated already even though the Ogun State was innagurated by the Ex-President and Secretary and the Ogun State coordinator without the consent of the NEC.

    Let all these venues be visited and members are asked if they still want Comrade Idris Shonuga as their President or not. Not to talk of other Ehailing drivers that refused to join Pedpan all because they can’t stand Comrade Idris Shonuga to be their President.

    For the National Secretary in person of Comrade Titilayo Islamiyat Ajani who is suppose to be a paid employee and a loyalist to the Union, had been acting in a capacity of P.A to Comrade Idris and not Secretary to the Union because she was brought in by Comrade Idris Shonuga to act as Secretary.

    It’s a known fact hhat the President and National Secretary are seen as face of a Union and they have used that to their own selfish advantage running the Union as Limited Liability Company instead of Union.

    In the midst of this crisis, Comrade Idris Shonuga asked a Local Government member via phone conversation if he has seen any apprentice arguing with his or her boss or trying to remove his or her boss from power meaning he (Comrade Idris Shonuga) sees his excos at all levels as his apprentice learning Union work. But not surprise because he once told his excos that he was buying their conscience and not loyalty instead of the other way round.


  10. Idris is a failure a and has done many things that contradict the Pedpan constitution a and NEC has done the right thing by removing him ( Idris).

    If 85% of the Association has removed him and only himself(Idris) and Titi are saying NO that they are till in charge, we can all see who is wrong.

    This will give the opportunity to elect new leaders which is a welcome development.


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