NSCDC commences investigation of 27 Nigerian women trafficked into Lebanon as slaves

NIGERIA Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Kwara State Command, has revealed that it is investigating the case of 27 women who traveled to Lebanon in hope of securing jobs, only to be used as domestic slaves.

Bello Ale, Commandant of the NSCDC shared this in Ilorin, SUN reports.

According to him, a list of the 27 women in Lebanon was retrieved in a document obtained from three suspects arrested in connection with the alleged inhuman treatment and trafficking of Nigerian women to Lebanon.

Ale revealed that they made a headway following the rescue and repatriation of one Gloria Taye Bright, who was trafficked from Nigeria to Lebanon, after being made to believe that she was going to work as an English teacher, but ended up being used as a domestic slave.

In a cry for help, Bright, who hails from Ekiti Local Government Area of Kwara State, released a video showing how she was treated in Lebanon by her master and the viral video helped in getting her rescued and repatriated to Nigeria.

Three suspects who run the agency that trafficked Bright and other women from Nigeria to Lebanon have been apprehended.

According to Ale, they include a Lebanese, Wasit Muhammad, 63; Adetunji Sanusi, 33; a lawyer, Tunde Awwal, 27, and another member of the gang identified as Joseph who is reported to be at large.

From the three suspects, the officers of NSCDC , Ale said, were able to get a list containing names of 27 women who were also trafficked by the same agency from Nigeria and investigations and plans to save them are being carried out.

In an earlier report, The ICIR revealed how another trafficking mastermind identified as Eddie Anideh, was exposed in an undercover report by BBC Africa Eye, for trafficking Africa women to India for sexual slavery.

Anideh, who is yet to be brought to book, is the taskforce chairman of All India Nigerian Students and Community Association (AINSCA) in Tughlakabad, India – an organisation that poses as a representative of Nigerian students in India and used by Anideh and his network to carry out human trafficking.


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