Second American Journalist Beheaded By ISIS

The terror group, Islamic State, ISIS, has beheaded 31 year-old American journalist, Steven Sotloff.

The group on Tuesday released another video showing a masked militant with a British accent and a knife who apparently decapitated the journalist.

This is coming two weeks after James Foley, another American journalist, was beheaded by ISIS.

The hooded militant to be the same person who executed Foley IJ the latest video told US President Barack Obama that “Just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

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Sotloff kneeling in the video, said he was paying the price for the U.S. intervention in Iraq with his life.

“You’ve spent billions of U.S. tax payers’ dollars and we’ve lost thousands of our troops in our previous fighting against the Islamic State. So where is the people’s interest in reigniting this war?,” he asked.

After the execution, the man in black hood declared: “I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State.”

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in the video, ISIS threatened to kill a British hostage believed to be an aid worker next.

The White House and State Department said intelligence officials are working quickly to determine the video’s authenticity. State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said, “We are sickened by this brutal act.”

U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have urged tough and swift action in response.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has said that the world was ‘outraged’ by the militants action.

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‘We are all outraged at reports from Iraq about the brutal killing of civilians by ISIL, including yesterday’s reported brutal beheading of another journalist,’ he said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Sotloff’s killing “an absolutely disgusting and despicable act” and is expected to issue a statement later.



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