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Soyode, BEN TV boss, declares for 2019, promises to create more jobs


Ali Soyode, Chairman of Europe’s first ethnic media and satellite television, known as BEN TV says he will create more jobs for the unemployed Nigerian youths to address the problem of poverty in the country if he is elected as Nigerian president in 2019.

“ When you are talking about poverty, we need to create jobs, not just about creating jobs, you need to create resources that allow you to create job,” Soyode said on Monday in Abuja after declaring his intention to run for presidency in 2019 elections.

“For example, when we talk about agriculture, we have the resources to be one of the top African countries producing good agriculture products but we are yet to explore it and we cannot really gain out of it.

“I know the sport industry, entertainment and agriculture. I know what we need to do and how to achieve something.

“When we are talking of poverty, we have to relate it to the health of the nation. How are we faring?.

“The prices in Nigeria are not allowing things to improve. Anybody that knows me knows that I’m focused, tenacious, I know what I want and I know where to get the best brains in Nigeria that can allow us to use the best opportunities.

“I know what to do with the talents of Nigerians because I have been in the sporting industry. I know what we can do individually and Nigerians in sports have whatever it is and there is revenue that it can generate.”  He explained

Speaking about his motivation for the top job in the country, Soyode said he is aspiring to become president of Nigeria in 2019 because ‘he wants to be where the system needed to be changed.’

“I have been toasted for governorship, toasted for senatorial, house of reps, they are wonderful positions, but you need to be where you can make change, where the change can touch the life of the people. Really and truly, to change the system, you have to go to where the system needed to be changed and I believe I have the capacity,”

Though he has not joined any political party yet, the presidential aspirant also known as “ Bridge” said he is already in talks with a lot of political parties that are shopping for presidential candidates.

“Right now, I’m presently speaking to as many parties that are looking for candidates. Many of them are wondering if I’m really going to stand for election.”

When asked about his plan concerning the prevalent insecurity in the country, Soyode said the whole of the security forces need to be overhauled for better and optimal performance.

“There is a lot of killing in the country; you have to look at the reasons. Do we have forces in this country? Yes we do, and that’s why in my presentation,  I said Nigeria armed forces need to be totally overhauled and citizens of this country need to respect the forces especially the police, and likewise the police must respect the citizens .We will empower them, we will train them . I know where the best brains are.”

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