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Teenage male bomber kills 24 in Adamawa mosque


At least 24 persons have been confirmed killed in a twin suicide bomb attack at a mosque in Mubi, Adamawa State, on Tuesday. Witnesses say number of casualties could rise.

Witnesses say a boy of about 18 or 19 years had infiltrated the mosque, disguised as a worshiper, only to detonate explosives strapped to his body as soon as the prayer was over.

Another explosion went off after people had gathered to help the people affected by the first explosion, residents say.

Othman Abubakar, a superintendent of police, told Premium Times that the first explosion went off at about 1:00 in the afternoon.

“While people were evacuating the victims of the first blast, another explosion occurred,” he said. “As I am talking to you now, 24 persons are confirmed dead. The scene has been cordoned-off by the Anti-bomb squad and other security personnel.”

Garba Habu, a resident of Mubi, said that “a boy of about 18-19 -years wearing a suicide vest was said to have entered the mosque along with other worshippers. Immediately after the prayers, he detonated the bomb”.

Others who spoke to journalists say many more may have died, given the sound of the explosion and the destruction it caused on the mosque and surrounding buildings.

“Many people died on the spot and several others were taken to hospital with severe injuries,” said Isa Danladi, another resident.

“The mosque’s roof was blown off. The prayer was mid-way when the bomber detonated the explosives. This is obviously the work of Boko Haram,” he added.

However, Haruna HammanFuro, leader of the Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency, did not give a specific number of casualties, but said the number was high.

“It was a twin blast and the detail is sketchy but we are in touch with our partners at Red Cross and others that are helping now. For now dead bodies are being evacuated and those injured have been taken to hospitals,’’ he said.

Tuesday’s attack came five months after a similar attack in a mosque Mubi left about 50 persons dead with several others injured, in November 2017.

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