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Trump calls Buhari ‘lifeless’, says he never wants to meet him again — Financial Times

UNITED States President Donald Trump called Muhammadu Buhari, his Nigerian counterpart, ‘lifeless’, according to a new report by Financial Times, a famous international daily newspaper headquartered in London.

This remark was passed shortly after Trump met with Buhari at the White House on the last day of April, it was revealed. The paper also described Nigeria’s president as ailing.

“The first meeting, with Nigeria’s ailing 75-year-old Muhammadu Buhari in April,” it wrote, “ended with the US president telling aides he never wanted to meet someone so lifeless again, according to three people familiar with the matter.”

Aly-Khan Satchu, Kenyan-born CEO of Rich Management, on Monday, shared the excerpt from the article on Twitter.

The visit was described as historic and Garba Shehu, the senior presidential spokesperson, had celebrated the invitation as the first time an African head of government would visit the “Trump White House”.

“He is the first African head of government to visit the Trump White House and this is a pointer to two important things,” he claimed. “One is, no matter how Nigerians take our own country, this is hugely an important country and this recognition is being manifested in this visit.

“And for the President personally, it is equally important that of all of the heads of state we have in the country that he of all of them has come forwarded to meet President Donald Trump.”

Reno Omokri, the former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, however, debunked the claim by citing the example of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi who was hosted by Trump at the White House the previous year.

Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya, has also been invited for a one-on-one meeting at the White House and is set to meet with the U.S. President on Monday, August 27.

“Kenya is a vital partner of the United States, and President Trump looks forward to discussing ways to broaden the strategic partnership based on our shared democratic values and mutual interests,” read a statement released by the White House earlier in August.

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