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Workers In Cross River Lament Early Payment Of Salary

Workers In Cross River Lament Early Payment Of Salary

As Nigerian workers mark May Day, workers in the Cross River State civil service are not happy over the early payment of their May salaries.

Governor Ben Ayade, had on April 30 ordered that May salaries of workers be paid on May 1, a development the workers said, though well-intended, does not help them.

The governor also gave similar directive on May 1 and December 1 2016.

State chairman of the Cross River State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress, John Ushie, said the union had advised against payment of salaries one month ahead, especially as the salaries for April had just been paid a few days ago.

“We had advised the governor not to be paying salaries like this but he insisted, Ushie said.

“Maybe it is his own way of showing that he cares for the people.

“We believe that salaries should be paid for work done but since he has gone ahead to pay, we can only advise workers to be prudent.

“He did the same thing last year, but we didn’t expect he would do the same thing again because he just finished paying salaries last week and then by April 30 he had paid May salaries.”

Similarly, the state chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, Eyo-Nsa Itam, said the development would mean workers would have to work for two months without pay.

“I think it is a tradition. We didn’t expect it on May 1,” Itam said.

“It means people would have to work for two months without getting salaries. It is a good development, but the impact would be very hectic.”

“When I got the alert on April 30, I was elated but confused. I initially thought it was a mistake,’ said Joseph Ogar, a teacher.

“Salary coming early is both good and bad. Good because it will enable me sort out the house rent issue I have right now and bad because by the time one finishes spending it in no time, the following month would become very difficult.

“Personally I would prefer the normal payment of salaries before the end of every month.”

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