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Egypt ousted president, Morsi, dies in court


MOHAMMED Morsi, former Egyptian president who was ousted by the army in 2013,  has died in court, state TV says.

The 67 year-old-Morsi was said to have died after collapsing during a court session where he was facing episionage charges on Monday in Egypt.

Morsi was inaugurated in June 2012 as Egypt’s first democratically elected president, but he was overthrown in July 2013, a year after he took office. Morsi was unseated by a military coup led by his defence minister, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Fattah had been ruling Egypt since then while Morsi had remained in custody.

After his removal from power, Egyptian authorities launched a crackdown on his supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood.


The hearing in the capital, Cairo, was related to charges of espionage emanating from suspected contacts with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, according to state television.

In 2015, Morsi was sentenced to death after being convicted of colluding with foreign militants – from the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Shia Islamist Hezbollah movement – to organise a mass prison break.

However, after some international organisation campaigned against the move, the death sentence was quashed in 2016 by Egypt’s highest court of appeal.

Executive Director, Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, Sarah Leah Whitson tweeted that the news of Moris death is “terrible but entirely predictable. She said the government failed to “allow him adequate medical care and fewer family visits. ”

The Human Rights Watch was just finalizing a report on his health, she tweeted.


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